DK Pharma Laboratories Inc.  

Vancouver,  BC 
  • Booth: 49237

With many years of experience, DK Pharma Laboratories Inc. has been focused on delivering exceptional skincare, hair care and makeup products to better support our client for the global marketplace.

Our products have been designed to meet specific market needs. Our R&D team is composed of highly knowledgeable researchers, chemists and technicians to develop formulations that are current with today’s industry standards.

We are constantly on the leading edge of today’s latest trends and innovations which gets our client faster access to new trends in the market than their competitors. Our success is measured by the commitment to our customers and their long-term relationship with us.

Our professional hair care line, Multibond is designed to provide our clients with the best solution to their hair care problems. We believe everyone should have access to wholesome, quality products that make them look and feel their best. With the use of high ingredients, we have formulated products that work virtually with all hair types. Multibond was formulated with the goal of developing the best formulation to prevent hair damage, provide the latest scalp treatments and smoothing treatments.

Our professional skin care line, Angel Dion is designed with premium advanced quality and remarkable results. We have dedicated ourselves to developing innovative blends that truly transform the skin without the use of unnecessary additives or animal testing. Our rich concentrated formulas are designed to correct, protect, heal and restore all skin types for a visibly enhanced, healthy complexion.

Brands: Bonita Professional, Angel Dion, Crystal Ice

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