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Doucce was founded in New York by two fashion and beauty executives with the intent of giving women and artists across the world, the opportunity to discover their individuality. Though Doucce was born in New York, its name was inspired by the French word “douce”, which means soft and elegant. Doucce’s brand philosophy, Discover Your Individuality was inspired by Parisian elegance and New York attitude. Each one of Doucce’s innovative products embodies the underlying meaning of the brands name and ideals, by combining high fashion hues and contemporary packaging, to create the perfect combination of trendy and très chic.

In the pursuit of the brand philosophy, Doucce strives to innovate on all fronts by offering the maximum amount of color and options at the perfect introductory prestige price point. But it’s more than just color and more than just options- it’s the best quality makeup, totally fit for the working makeup artist on the red-carpet, behind the movie camera, and before the aisle.

While other prestige brands focus on just the packaging or just the color, Doucce is the brand that delivers on all fronts- it’s contemporary, it’s colorful, it’s innovative, and it’s professional.


Doucce strives to be the international brand for the international beauty. In our world, beauty is not defined by one specific look, and that is why Doucce invites women to discover their individuality. In fact uniqueness is the essence of beauty. Today’s trends are continuously being defined and influenced by cultures across the world, which leaves no room for one definition of beauty. Beauty is an international phenomenon defined by a location, but vibrant and attainable by all.

Doucce has tailored its products to be the choice of women wherever they may be. From the American jetsetter, to the bubbly Australian, to the exotic Brazilian, and all women across the world who aspire to achieve the universal and cosmopolitan look. So join us as we welcome this new era of youth and luxury, and set forth to discover your individuality.

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Lovestruck Liquid Lipstick
Cache Creme Collection

 Press Releases

  • May 21st, 2019 / New York, NY 


    Doucce, today, announced the launch of its brand new website as the company begins a summer push that includes the launch of brand new lines including the Lovestruck Liquid Lipstick. 

    The website comes some months after Doucce announced that Isaac Doustar would be taking over as the company’s Chief Executive. In his in role, he made revamping the brand's image and point of sales a priority. The website is the result of an almost year long effort in modernizing the brands approach to digital strategy and consumer outreach.

    “The new is the culmination of months and months of brainstorming and teamwork. We’ve made hyper-personalization the focus alongside a rich user experience that promotes education, discovery, and ease,” said Doustar. Customers can now fully customize and build their own Freematic Pro Palettes, choosing from 100 eyeshadows colors, 14 blushers, 6 brow powder duos, and 6 highlighters to fill their palettes. 

    Doucce’s website launch is welcomed alongside the brand’s recent expansion into new foreign markets including Canada with TSC, Costa Rica, Egypt, and Asia with partners TMall and Alibaba. 

    “As Doucce continues to grow with strategic partnerships, our .com and mobile presence doubles down our belief in shifting our efforts toward enriching the Doucce online experience,” said Doustar.

    In conjunction with the launch of the new website, Doucce is proud to announce the release of its' new flag ship lip product, the Lovestruck Matte Liquid Lipstick. The hydrating matte formula is kiss proof and extremely comfortable to wear throughtout the day. "Our product development team took a fresh approach with this project. The Lovestruck formula took about 18 months to perfect. Meticulously testing and refining the formula until it was exactly what we were envisioning" said Mollie Foertmeyer - Doucce's SVP of Operations.

    The Lovestruck Matte Liquid Lipstick is set to launch on and Doucce's retail partners globally on May 21st 2019.



    June 27th, 2019 / New York, NY



    Today, Doucce announced the launch of its new line of brushes - the first to ever be released by the brand. 


    In an effort to expand its versatility, Doucce is launching a total of six brushes sold both as a set and individually. Keeping in line with Doucce’s commitment to its cruelty-free status, the brushes are made with synthetic hair, perfect for both cream and powder products. 


    The brushes are expertly designed, each made with a shiny black handle, matte red metal ferrule, and white-tipped black hair - a call to the brand’s name and philosophy to be modern, elegant and of the highest quality.  


    “As we grow and expand to new markets, it was only natural to add brushes and tools to our collection. We want to offer consumers the best possible Doucce experience, from start to finish,” said company Chief Executive Isaac Douster. 


    A unique and innovative aspect to Doucce’s new brushes is their flat bottoms and strong magnetic hold. This magnetic feature allows for each brush to stick to any metal surface, giving them easy access and storage. The full set comes complete with a magnetic plate for the brushes to stand up on - a sleek, modern way to house and display them on your vanity. 


    The new brush line is comprehensive, covering every makeup necessity for a daily routine. The Foundation Stippling Brush creates an airbrushed and skin-like finish for the most flawless base. The Blush and Highlighting Brushes are soft and tapered for blended and even application. 


    For a complete eyelook, Doucce is also launching a Blending Brush, Shader Brush, and Short Shader Brush, each fluffy and dense to create the perfect blend. A company well regarded for their eye products, this line provides those loyal customers the tools to complete the look.


    Priced between $20 - $40, the brushes pair nicely with all and any of Doucce’s makeup products.



  • Punk Volumizer Mascara 
    Dramatic Volume and Thickness...

  • Define lashes one by one, adding extreme volume and thickness. Instantly create dramatically full and seductive lashes for an audacious false-lash effect. The jumbo brush is effectively engineered with smaller and larger fiber bristles to coat every lash, while distributing the formula evenly throughout. The lightweight and creamy formula pulls every lash upwards to create a long lasting curl without any clumping, flaking, or smudging
  • Fierce & Fine Graphic Pen
    Precise Waterproof Lining...

  • A deeply pigmented and waterproof graphic eyeliner that is easy and effortless to apply. The  design of the felt tip applicator allows you to create either a thick or thin line depending on the amount of pressure used during application. The formula glides on seamlessly to create perfectly polished looks without the hassle of tugging or pulling. As the formula sets, it won’t smear, flake, or budge.
  • Lovestruck Matte Liquid Lipstick
    Comfortable and Kissproof


  • An intensely matte but surprisingly hydrating liquid lipstick that adds a touch of boldness to any look. The precision applicator allows for seamless control and glides on smoothly without tugging. The 12 shades range from vibrant hues to everyday neutrals. The non-drying and mattifying properties of this formula allow for a comfortable all day wear without transferring, fading, or feathering.
  • Matte Temptation Lipstick
    Elegant Matte Finish...

  • A highly pigmented lipstick that glides on effortlessly, leaving a pure matte finish. The rich, creamy texture allows for a full-coverage look with just one stroke. The lush vivid shades range from nudes to berry-red hues that provide dramatic depth with intense payoff. The intensely saturated formula is exceptionally long wearing while keeping the lips hydrated all day.
  • Relentless Matte Lip Crayon
    Ultra Matte and Long Lasting...

  • The Relentless Matte Lip Crayon is a deeply pigmented lip color that glides on with an ultra-matte finish. The formula provides both an incredibly creamy, saturated finish and all day wearability with shades ranging from neutral to dramatic, ideal for every skin tone. Use the metal pencil sharpener to keep the tip defined for easy and precise application.


  • Cache Creme Satin Foundation
    High Coverage Satin Foundation...

  • Achieve full, buildable coverage with the Caché Crème Satin Foundation. The foundation wears long and features a hydrated and healthy luminous finish for the perfect chic look no matter the occasion. And if you have dry, mature, and/or dehydrated skin, wear confidently knowing that the Cache Creme moisturizes and keeps the face looking fresh.
  • Cheek Blush
    Ultra Silky Vibrant Colour...

  • With 10 natural-looking shades to choose from, Doucce’s Cheek Blush offers a formula that is both buildable and blendable. The silky-smooth powder glides on creating a natural flushed look and is perfect for all skin tones. The mix of both matte and shimmer finishes leave behind nothing but a pop of color and rich glimmer. Use a heavier hand to create a bold statement, or apply lightly for a more natural look.
  • Freematic Bronzer
    Highly Pigmented and Buildable Bronzer...

  • With three different matte shades — light, medium, and dark — to choose from, Doucce’s matte Bronzer is both buildable and blends seamlessly. The finely milled powder enhances your skin tone naturally creating a sun-kissed look. In addition, this extra large bronzer comes with a flat-edged bronzer brush that allows you to chisel the contours of your face for a more defined complexion
  • Freematic Eyeshadow Pro Palette
    Highly Pigmented Pro Color Palette...

  • A versatile eyeshadow palette that contains 12 shades of silky, smooth powders to create a variety of looks that will last all day and night. Available in Neutral, Smokey, or Unicorn, these sets are specially curated with the perfect combination of both matte and shimmer shadows to allow for truly effortless blending. The high-impact powders are so rich they feel creamy, gliding on easily without smudging or creasing. Apply dry for a more natural finish or apply with a wet brush for a longer lasting, dramatic look.
  • Freematic Eyeshadow Quad
    Highly Pigmented Colour Palette...

  • A versatile, eyeshadow palette containing four shades of silky, smooth powders to create a variety of looks that will last all day and night. Each of the 10 quad palettes are highly pigmented and have been specially curated with both matte and shimmer shadows to allow for balanced looks with effortless blending. The high-impact powders are so rich they feel creamy, gliding on easily without smudging or creasing. Apply dry for a more natural finish or apply with a wet brush for a longer lasting dramatic look.
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