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United Kingdom
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Drammock International Ltd was established in 1984 and first started selling cosmetics under the Beauty Formulas brand in 1988.

We are based in Leeds, in the North of England, with on-site manufacturing, warehousing, packing, labelling and distribution.

Beauty Formulas is a trusted, recognised and popular UK brand offering high quality, affordable cosmetics and toiletries.

Our products are sold in the UK and to over 70 countries worldwide. There are over 160 products in our ever expanding product range, which includes, footcare, skincare, charcoal, gold, oral hygiene, depilatories and feminine hygiene, all produced to E.U. standards.

Our Beauty Formulas ranges are carefully designed to target specific market sectors and have a wide appeal to customers around the world.

Our flexibility and commitment to quality and new product development makes us one of the leading companies in the toiletry market.

Brands: Beauty Formulas

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