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Drawntime Display & Design Ltd., (Drawntime) is an experienced manufacturing enterprise with a specialized focus in product designing since 1995, located in Guangzhou, China. 

Custom Tailored Product Designs with various production materials can be provided on project specific basis. 

Quality Control is secured through precision maximization with every part of production: raw materials are inspected prior to productions, production processes are monitored when manufactured, and pre shipping package testing is practiced to ensure product security in transit.

Punctuality is highly valued by Drawntime. As one of the most critical elements of our venture, we strive for rigorous punctuality of our own, and attentive to the timelyneeds of our clients.

Drawntime owns and operates on a production facility over 200,000 square feet with 5 workshops founded on:Metal Workshop,Carpentry & Finishing,Acrylic & Graphics,Art Department,Warehouse & Assembly.Drawntime builds and maintaining excellent customer relations upon Quality Control with Precision,Timely Response and Punctual Delivery.

Brands: Drawntime Display & Design Ltd. is a displays manufacturer with different material offering,such as acrylic,metal with powder coated and wood with painted,and all of the displays are customized.

For Technical Support and 1 to 1 Beauty Machmaking Questions, please contact support.          

Exhibit questions please contact: info@cosmoprofnorthamerica.com

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