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We are not only Cosmetics OEM/ ODM Manufacturer, but a Research & Innovation Company that brings new innovation to the market. 
We support many presitge beauty brands around the world to bring new ideas and success by following our philosophy.


We manufacture quality cosmetic products in all categories(skin care, makeup, masks, body products). We are headquartered in Englewood, NJ, USA thus, we have a strength in a deep understanding of the US market through 16 years. To meet the various markets, we provide Turnkey Service(Containers, Packaging, etc.) and can handle customizing packages to support brand strategy as well.


We cooperate research developments and with KOREA/US/JAPAN including Nihon Kolmar.
Our R&D team is continuously working on and developing new patented products.
KOREA branch supply cosmetics reflecting the latest trends based on technology.


We have GMP certification in both the US and KOREA. Our talented group of industry-experienced and advanced-degreed professonals in QA and QC provide the Testing Services and Regulatory Consulting to comply requirements. 


  • 3 Color Transforming Clay Pack/Cleanser
    Instagrammable skin care products with New Concept and Innovative Technology.
    Clay cleansers that changes colors by loop station technology provides various skin benefits at each loop time....



    1. Color changing mask/cleanser that lets you know when it is fully massaged in and activated.  

       Wash-off type mask or Cleansing Foam is available. 

    2. Each color clay contains different ingredients thus provides multi effects to skin at once.

      : Oil-control, Even skin tone, Increasing skin moisuture level, Pore deep cleansing etc.

     ★It is available to specify skin benefits by each color as your own. Refer to following color chart. 

       Step 1 : Various colors are available for the first color

       Step 2 : 3 kinds of colors are available. (Green, Yellow, Pink)

       Step 3 : The last color is grey. 

    3. Contains white mineral clay that absorbs pollution toxins from your face and brightens your dull skin.

    [365 RATIO CREAM]

    1. Dual liquid become cream (Texuture Transformation)

    2. When Mixing blue water with gold oil, green cream appears. (Color Trasnformation)

    3. Density of cream can vary depending on mixing ratio. Thus your cream will feel from watery essence to cream.

    4. Various texture is useful to treat your depending on your condition, weather, etc.

For Technical Support and 1 to 1 Beauty Machmaking Questions, please contact support.          

Exhibit questions please contact: info@cosmoprofnorthamerica.com

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