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We, the Noksibcho Corporation, the holding company of five affiliated companies are one of the largest healthcare companies in Korea, with offices or representatives in all major cities and towns in the country. We enjoy an excellent reputation because of our brilliant history of 33 years. We started with dietary supplements (health care) and expended into cosmetics. We have offered cosmetics for nearly 30 years and we would like to introduce our two recently launched brands called The Skin House (for retail shops) and Sferangs (for spas) made in our own factory in Korea. Although these two brands are only a year old, orders are rushing in owing to their excellent quality.  The prices of our products are reasonable in the market, and their greatest strength is that we have our own patented production method (Ellipeace Energy), founded by our affiliated company and hospital to improve product quality. In addition, our individual brands are developed at our R&D centre and freshly made at our factory with high-quality ingredients (organic ingredients in The Skin House line). Therefore, we guarantee that the quality of our products is superior compared to other brands.

Brands: Sferangs, The Skin House, Coxir, Noksibcho Cosmetic


  • Marine Active
    Undried Moisturizing Boost!
    Marine Active Line for skin that is full of moisture.
    It supplies rich nutrition and moisture of mysterious energy from deep sea !
    The inside and outside of skin is filled up with moisture!!
    Fresh transparent moisture gloss.

  • Marine Active Toner

    Hyaluronic acid fills moisture up for skin and the 2 steps moisture care toner maintains the moisture feeling with Ceramide. The toner which does not have viscosity makes the skin become moist by going into skin rapidly. The nutrients such as deep sea water and seaweed extract make the skin clean and bright without stickiness feeling.

    Moisturizing toner helps skin to become moist and clean.

    Marine Active Serum

    Hyaluronic acid supplies moisture to skin, the two steps moisture care serum which maintains moisture with Ceramide is a gel-type serum. It helps filling up the moisture to skin and maintain the moist skin during the day. The elements such as deep sea water and seaweed extract give a full moisture feeling and the mineral and vitamin elements also help the skin to become bright and clean. Compare to the existing moisturizing products, the step care time become shorter as the skin can absorb the serum faster with fresh feeling.

    Marine Active Emulsion

    Hyaluronic acid adds moisture to skin and the emulsion helps maintaining the skin to be moist through the 2 steps moisture storage system which contains Ceramide III. As they contain deep sea water and seaweed extract, it conveys the moisture energy of sea to skin so that the skin can absorb the elements fast and become moist and shiny. The moisture feeling lasts long without stickness as if nothing was applied to your skin.

    Marine Active Cream

    Hyaluronic acid adds moisture to skin and the moisture storage cream helps the skin to be moist for a long time by keeping the moisture not to blow away with Cerimide element.The seaweed extracts which are high in mineral and Vitamin such as deep sea water, agar-agar, fusiformis, codium dichotomum and ecklonia cava kiellman in kjellman & petersen conveys the moisture renew energy from deep sea to skin so that the skin becomes moist and vital.Skin can absorb the cream fast with fresh feeling and the moisture feeling lasts long to maintain moist skin.

    Marine Active Eye Cream

    Marine Active Eye Cream is an anti-wrinkle functional spot care product which can be used not only to the wrinkles of the skin around the eyes but also at all of the wrinkled parts of your face including the forehead, the brow and the sides of the mouth. This secret weapon which fills elasticity to the wrinkled parts contains adenosine ingredient which is excellent in stability and sustainability when penetrated into skin. This ingredient helps to give elasticity, provide nutrition and reduce deep lines to elaborate a smooth skin.

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