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Farmskin has discovered the extraordinary benefits colostrum has on
our skin. Using our exclusive technology, we have succeeded in utilizing fresh
colostrum as the key ingredient in our skincare products. Farmskin is
a colostrum-specialized cosmetics brand that makes skincare products which
preserve the original, abundant nutrient of colostrum thanks to our own,
self-developed patent technology.

“Colostrum Original Line”, a premium product line that preserves the
maximum amount of the original colostrum nutrient
“Superfood Line”, a perfect skincare line, created by combining superfoods
and colostrum
“Fresh Food Line”, a skincare treatment line for improving skin texture with
fresh fruits and healthy colostrum
“Grain Line”, a revitalizing skincare line that delivers deep and robust energy
to the skin thanks to nutrients from carefully selected grains and colostrum

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