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   Welcome to Jung Min Co., Ltd.!

   We, Jung Min Co., Ltd. are specialized to manufacture Skincare Two-tone Glass bottle & Jar, Airless bottle & Jar and Double / Single wall bottle & Jar , Compact Case & Air tigh Cushion , Make-up Palette & Sunstick , etc for 24 years and also have been supplying our products to international cosmetic companies. Also our internal manufacturing processes include, decoration, assembly, metallizing etc.

   We have been doing best to be a company that can enjoy the highest satisfaction and joy with our customers by working, making efforts and sharing new trend information together.

   We will reward our customers' interest and love with the best quality through our better service customer first policies.


 Press Releases

  • The eco-friendly cosmetics cosmetic container ( Two-tone Glass bottle ) developed by Jung Min was awarded the Prime Minister in the future government awards packaging technology. Korea Institute of Industrial Technology announced that it has won the Prime Minister Jung Min in the 12th game of the 2018 Future Packaging Technology Government Awards ceremony held at KINTEX, Ilsan, Two-tone Glass Bottle. Saenggiwon official explained that "unlike conventional products produced using chemicals received a high rating points that require coating operations."


  • Two-tone Glass Bottle
    An innovative packaging with unique properties!
    Allowing the presentation of a production in a new exceptional way.
    Offers brilliance and transparency with the look feel of glass combined with a high degree of design.

  • Material

    -        ECOZEN

    -        Eco-friendly materials and recycling

    -        Reduces Co2

    -        No BPA & NO Phthalate

    -        Non-toxic – Suitable for cosmetics


    -        Deep volume effect and feeling of the weighty character

    -        Available for your own exclusive blow mold

    -        Cost savings effect through non coating and non metallization

    -        Anti-forgery features

    -        Providing a green and sustainable packaging solution


    -Convex Type : 150ml, 100ml, 50ml bottle & 50g, 30g Cream Jar

    -Straight Type : 150ml, 100ml, 50ml bottle & 50g Cream Jar

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