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Pierst Co. Ltd. under the slogan "Let's realize globalization with the best quality!" Based on many years of research and clinical, "PIERST Neck-Sol" launched It is specialized in HEALTH-COSMETIC (cosmetics).
We believe in truth that the truth must go, "contribute to the interests of our customers with the highest quality" We will make Peast a world-class company by practicing our corporate philosophy. To satisfy all our customers' dreams of beauty It is the future of the feast and the dream of the feast. We promise to be a beautiful company that realizes the hopes and dreams of everyone.

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  • Pierst neck-sol
    Rejuvenating & Smoothing Exclusive Neck Care Solution Innovative multi-functional cosmetics for facial and neck wrinkles....

  • Pierst neck-sol main ingredient

    1.Perfect wrinkles on face and neck.

    2.Amazing skin regeneration effect.

    3.Whitening and trouble relieving effect solved at once.

    Why pierst neck-sols are good

    Containing high-functionality ingredients with high content Improving the cause of fundamental wrinkles rather than temporary pulling. 70-nanometer sized main ingredients that are rapidly absorbed to the dermal layer It is possible to improve the wrinkles that are hard to remove (Neck wrinkles, lip wrinkles, wrinkle wrinkles, forehead wrinkles, eye wrinkles) Multi-functional products with coloring effect (stain, black spots, dirt, etc.) Pure natural cosmetics without any artificial ingredients.

    How to use your pierst neck-sol

    Transparent moisture gel-type texture penetrates quickly without tack It refreshes your skin with a refreshing sensation.

    Home care method:Immediately after morning and evening cleansing, the face and neck are replenished several times until it is no longer absorbed into the skin.  

    Precautions when using:Nesol product should be used alone (Should not be used with or mixed with other basic products).

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