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GoshenKorea Co., Ltd is company with more than 25 years-experience in the development and manufacturing of scientifically proven and innovative personal skin care products. By using innovative technology, with focusing on face and body, we create some of the most cost effective, high quality and marketing powerful products in the cosmetic market.

Brands: Quret , Avotte


  • Quret skin care products
    For someone who need special home care and has sensitive skin. Masks, Cleansing Mask, Eye Patches, Ampoule, Facial Foam, Nose strip and so on.

  • Quret Egg Bubble Series

    Refreshing Foam

    Smile Mask

    2-Step Nose Wide Pack

    Worry about skin irritation?

    Hesitate for choosing cleanser?

    Soft and hypoallergenic egg series are here! 

    Clean and clam your skin!

    - Excellent cleaning power with soft bubble. 

    - Minute particle bubble.

    - Mild ingredient and combination.

    - An outstanding and visible bubble. 

    Beauty Recipe Mask Series

    - Banana

    - Avocado

    - Tomato

    - Eggplant

    - Brazil Nut

    - Broccoli

    Suitable for various types of skin!

    Here are 6-type facial masks.







    Choose whatever you want!

    Friendly design with fruits and vegetables.

    Various extracts.

    Comfortable to wear and stick to skin.

    Free movement with mask.

    Quret Skin Barrier Ampoule series






    Sensitive skin refers to a range of conditions.

    How to care for your sensitive skin?

    For your skin,

    five types of ampoules are here!

    - Friendly and soft design with pastel tone.

    - Different liquid viscosity.

    - An extremely moisturizing ampoule.

    - An extremely calming ampoule.

    Quret Hydrogel Eye Patch







    Dark circle, tired, loss of vitality around eyes..

    Just attach eye patches.

    Not only animating and moisturizing,

    but also adsorption make your free movement.

    - Attractively visible design.

    - Convenient, 2-piece eye patches.

    - Extreme adsorption.

    - Six types for various skin types.

For Technical Support and 1 to 1 Beauty Machmaking Questions, please contact support.          

Exhibit questions please contact: info@cosmoprofnorthamerica.com

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