Mahika Packaging (India) Ltd

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Mahika Packaging is one of the leading manufacturer of Plastic Extruded Tubes, Laminated Tubes & Bottles in India. With the range of Screen, Offset, Labeling, & Hot Stamping Options Mahika is the leader in tubes and exporting various countries in North America and Europe. Mahika is the one source solution with lead time of less than 2 weeks, Mahika is the preferred supplier for most of the multinational clients and has been awarded with various accreditions and awards by the companies. Looking for the Preferred Supplier of Plastic & Laminated Tubes you have reached the right destination...Kindly contact Mr Amit Gupta Email: for all your packaging needs.....

Brands: Seamless Plastic Tubes ABL & PBL laminated Tubes Sticker Labels Plastic Bottles Plastic Caps

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