Mattson Global

Los Angeles,  CA 
United States
  • Booth: 40042

Our brand consultancy experienced in marketing, public relations and sales support management of Korean beauty, fashion and lifestyle companies.  We provide consulting, creative and communications services to the global industry. 

Mattson has production facilities abroad and global distribution centers that provide both American and Korean designers with the opportunity to grow their businesses. Marketing directors, sales representatives, buyers and retailers on both sides of the Pacific use Mattson for their production, communication, sales and distribution needs. 

Mattson  works with the best fashion & beauty brands in Korea and beyond that are interested in introducing their products to the US market. We work directly with brands and refine their marketing strategies in order to appeal to the American consumer. We then find the best sales talent to get the brand into the hands of the right buyers. 

Brands: Ash7, Dear Lauren, Hushu, Fau

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