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Amtixbio has screened and identified the special ONE probiotic Lactic Acid Bacteria from 3,000 or more probiotic microorganism living in Korean super foods. Ambling probiotic Dermacosmetic products provide credible natural preservation system, without toxic chemical preservatives, such as, paraben and sodium benzoate, etc.

Our unique materials of culture extracts of Probiotic Lactic Acid Bacteria help to maintain the most optimal skin microbiome balance. Our unique materials improve skin barrier functions by increasing the expression levels of important proteins consisting of Tight Junction in skin barrier.

Brands: Probiotics, Skin microbiome balance, Natural preservation system


    Ambling Dermacosmetic products comprise culture extracts of probiotic Lactic Acid Bacteria obtained from Korean super foods made with plants....


    (1) Ambling Probiotics Balance Ampoule - Vitamin C, lactic acid and natural BHA soften skin texture. Niacinamide makes your skin clear and bright.

    (2) Ambling Probiotics into Nature Essence I - Fermented ceramide, fermented soybean and fermented herbs keep your skin moist and rich in nutrition. Adenosine alleviates skin wrinkles and Niacinamide helps skin brightening.

    (3) Ambling Probiotics Aqua Role Moisturizing Cream - Fermented ceramide improves skin barrier function, and various essential oils, trehaloseand hyaluronic acid form moisturizing skin to make moist and healthy skin.

     (4) Ambling Probiotics Flawless Cleansing Foam - Fermented herbal extracts and Portulaca oleracea extracts purify and calm the skin.

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