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"Beauty, health and convenience to customers"
Hanwoong Inc. is a very well-known company which manufactures and distributes topmost skin care products.
We develop and manufacture our products for various international markets with a commitment to superior quality control, competitive pricing, attractive packaging and prompt delivery.

Brands: LUKE - Daily Use Skin Care Product CRACARE - Special Skin Care Product


  • HANWOONG's Hydorogel Eye Patch series
    Hydrogel products have a perfect fit onto facial contour with fast infusion of moist and nutrient into skin.
    It is an easy and convenient way to rejuvenate skin with various formulations and multiple ingredients....

  • 1. New Technology Product
    * Collagen Gel Products
    Collagen Gel is combined Super hydrating Gel and Hydrogel Technology.
    * Super Hydrating Gel Products
    A newly developed soft hydrogel for intensive moisturizing care. Soft gel that contains various cosmetically effective ingredients and moisture in specially designed gel matrix gives enough nutrition and moisturizing to skin. New concept of Super Hydrating Gel that Hanwoong developed to make up for the weakness of Facial Essence & Hydrogel Mask and upgrade the strength of them.
    2. Nose Cleansing Strip
    Revolutionary way to cleanse & tighten pores! A dramatic difference after just one use! Guaranteed.
    3. Hydrogel Products
    Hanwoong’s well-fitting hydrogel products with concentrated nutrients and moisture help to reduce fine lines and retain elasticity of face and eye zone.
    4. Oil gel patch & balm products – Foot & Elbow Care
    It is high efficacy complex that is fast-acting, providing visible effects within week. It is formulated for the most severely dry, rough and cracked skin. This concentrated super hydrating formula delivers extra-rich soothing deep into the dermal layers. Apply on heels, knees, feet, elbows or other parts of body experiencing dryness and cracks. Regular use makes skin softer, smoother and healthier.
    5. Essence Mask
    Different natural ingredients help your face remain clear, fresh, smooth, relaxed, revitalized and hydrated.
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