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HNB was founded in 2007 as a research and manufacturing company for natural cosmetic products.

We are global leader to produce bio-cellulose sheet by coconut juice fermentation and supply to customers in domestic and overseas. In addition, we have grown into a specialized mask pack OEM / ODM company that produces mask pack using various non-woven fabrics as well as bio-cellulose sheet and natural plant extract.

We have factories in Korea and Vietnam and provide the best products created by innovative technology and R&D. And we are actively exporting our products to East-Asia and worldwide, already started from USA. We enjoy to provide our customers with not only cost-effective products but also excellent quality and service. We will strive to be your best partner to impress customers by variety of creative products that reflect new trends.


  • BioCell Face Mask
    BioCell Mask is based on bio-cellulose sheet which is made by 100% naturally fermenting and ripening natural coconut juice. This is the ideal material for the skin care has an excellent characteristics of moisturizing, soothing, cooling & adhesion...

    • BIOCELLULOSE sheet material and mask

    - Supply biocellulose sheet made from 100% naturally fermenting and ripening coconut juice

    - Supply colored Biocellulose Sheet, Biocellulose Powder

    - Manufacture Bio-Cellulose mask for more than 15 conturies in the world

    • BAMBOO TENCEL sheet material and mask

    - Supply bamboo tencel made from 100% botanic origin (bamboo)

    - More absorbent than cotton, Softer than silk, Cooler than linen

    • OEM/ODM mask production for the WORLD

    - Products design and production of functional skin care specialized to customer

    - Manufacture various shapes of face mask, hand mask, foot mask and hair mask

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