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The ‘COSMETEA’ brand was founded with the world’s first ‘Tea Cosmetics’ concept by blending unique Korean, Chinese and Japanese tea materials (representing the world’s tea culture), with different tea materials from other Eastern and Western countries using COSMETEA’s own technology. The 'COSMETEA' is the combination of COSMETIC and TEA, and helps for best skin balance with tea water, botanical oil and tea extract.

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    The nourishment customized for the skin lacks of elasticity
    Deep moisture cream that maintains perfect oil and water balance
    Contain 32% of High-purity polyphenol-extracted puer tea water...

  • Tea, which has fascinated people since ancient times, has been wisdom that most delicately, beautifully contains unlimited benefits of nature, and a medium that contains culture. COSMETEA inspired by tea culture around the world offers deep, clear beauty that contains wisdom of tea to you who can think the inner and outer beauty together.
    Cosmetea's own therapy, Optimum Combination with Tea 8 Tea-awake ComplexTM was developed by selecting 8 plants, out of thousands of plants, that most harmonize with tea.
    Cosmetea's another own therapy, 3 Blending system, which is blending the efficacy of tea water with botanical oil and extracts, natural ingredients keep healthy skin with balance.
    We are focusing Puer Tea, which is one of the Therapy Tea produced in the Yunnan province of China to deliver to inner and body peace. High-purity polyphenol-extracted puer tea water, which is with the USDA organic-certified puer tea water, provides rich, nourishing skin texture, highly effective to keep skin moisturized and hydrated from the inside.
     Also, Creates a perfect oil and water balance by properly nourishing to the skin lacking elasticity caused by under-nourishment. while using it in skin care routine, delicate puer tea scent recovers comfort of the body and mind.
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