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  • NIKA HAIR BEAUTY EXCELLENCE, a premium brand of professional hair products, belongs to IBECOSMETICA located in Pisa/Italy, which has been operating in the beauty industry for more than 15 years.
    The company launched the brand in 2012 with one sole objective: to satisfy demanding premium salons with high quality products wich promise maximum haircare safe and, in the same measure, efficient. The brand today represents the perfect combination of quality with elegance, reliability with technology, and offers a product range which amazes always with its guaranteed results: healthy, beautiful hair.

    With it’s NIKA HAIR BEAUTY EXCELLENCE brand and a specialized team of experts, IBECOSMETICA works each and every day to create products that reflect the distinctive qualities of Excellence and Beauty. Covering the Italian market, now the company is focusing on establishing itself as an industry leader in key international countries.
    On a global level, the area displaying the largest growth in this period is Europe. Specifically, the most “responsive” markets in terms of turnover are: Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Malta, Russia, Romania, Germany, Latvia and Switzerland.
    The Middle East is another important area of growth for NIKA HAIR BEAUTY EXCELLENCE, which operates already in Oman, Turkey, Jordan and Kuwait. The main goal of IBECOSMETICA SRL is to establish a stronger and wider presence in the EMEA region with NIKA HAIR BEAUTY EXCELLENCE products. The next step could be a launch into Africa, beginning with South Africa and after that, a transatlantic move into the American market.

    FAIRY SILK. The story of NIKA HAIR BEAUTY EXCELLENCE began with “fairytale silkiness” through the innovative FAIRY SILK range introducing AMINO BOND COMPLEX (a unique formula of amino acids, hydrolized keratin protein and active ingredients). PREMIUM is the name of the best selling product, a professional treatment that makes incredibly easy to achieve “sublime silky smoothness” up to 3 months.

    KPERFECTION. The hair reconstructing line with KEROXYNE COMPLEX has received the HPA “Hair Product Award” as the best reconstructing treatment in Europe. Based on pure keratin, KPerfection is able to perfectly merge with the hair fibre and repair breakage, thanks to the exclusive patented ZIP EFFECT. At the heart of in-salon treatment K19 and Miracle offer six different treatments, making the hair healthier and stronger every day.

    AGE RESTORE. A complete range of anti-ageing products for deep hydration. A combination of HYALURONIC ACID and DIAMOND DUST restore youthfulness, hydration, elasticity and volume to hair right from the first application. The Age Restore range includes RADIANCE, an intensive in-salon treatment enriched with REBORN COMPLEX for optimal hair hydration and glossy elastic results, as well the star product HYALU is particulary recommended for continuing the home maintenance.

    REFLECTION. A range of hair colours for excellent results with micro-pigments pure at 99.5%. This technology guarantees intense reflection, long-lasting colour and - together with the special blend of Babassu Oil and Soy Protein – creates a protective sheald around the shaft, reflecting the light from inside out in both light and dark shades. For daring souls Nika suggests METALLIX: shimmering hues, metallic highlights and intense or delicate flashes of light. METALLIX is much more than a simple colour, six new shades tone-on-tone completely ammonia-free. Reflection offers 93 shades for a world of colour.

    FROZEN BLONDE. A complete range of bleaches perfect for all lightening techniques. The desire of perfect blonde colour starts with the new and innovative IN-OIL LIFT bleaching cream, the first in the market infused in 3 oils (lifting up to 5 levels ). The range also includes FREE HAND bleaching clay (lifting up to 7 levels) and EXTREME LIFT bleaching powder (lifting up to 9 levels).


    What makes the hairdresser a successful professional? Education is the answer.
    Through Education and training is possible to understand a subject in depth, mastering the topic, learning how to adapt it to varying situations and contexts with skills and flexibility. This essential role in education and training is managed by our International Head Trainer & Art Director of the brand, who travels the world with his team of selected Trainers providing first class training with the following courses and initiatives:
    - Demo
    - Product Work-Shop
    - Train the Trainers
    - Train the Sales
    - On the Road
    - Creative Cut & Colour
    - Inspiration Show

    Nika Hair Beauty Excellence invests in a multichannel strategy of communication that supports and highlights the products and services offered.
    Salon and Sales Force are the centre of the communication strategy. Coordinated tools and exeptional marketing such as stand displays, totems, posters, display units and presentation kit carefully designed, showcase the brand respecting it’s fundamentals as excellence and beauty.


    IBECOSMETICA SRL Via Ponte a Piglieri, 8 / 56122 Pisa - ITALY
    PH. +39 050 41426 / FAX +39 050 41426



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Exhibit questions please contact: info@cosmoprofnorthamerica.com

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