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Pinkpac specializes in nail polish packaging and small perfume glasses. Began in 1977 in Taiwan. Over the years of interacting in this global market. Timely preparation of the right quality products with competitive pricing are the keys to successful results. The cumulative experiences with production and wide range of finishes give us the ability to consistently deliver winning package to suit individual requirements.

People whom prepare the packaging are long term Pinkpac employees that are like families to the company and experienced hands. They keep good check of all components manufactured, its assembly and deco process to final QC are handled with care and attention. We continuously update our manufacturing equipment and process training to keep improving our product standard. We pursue to be creative and flexible with our packaging design through collaboration with a network of different suppliers that help to add new elements to the final packaging.

We strive to serve each and every of our customer’s business like our own and seek to have mutually beneficial relationship sustainable in the long term,  We look forward to be your reliable supplier for long term.

Brands: OEM/ODM nail polish packaging for various brand such as Revlon, Mary Kaye, P&G, Disney, Avon etc..

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