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Aspire Brands presents Formula 10.0.6 Skin Care, Formula 10.0.6 Body Care and Good Nature Wellness!

Established in 1933, Formula 10.0.6 is a 4th generation, family-owned brand that features simple, effective skincare products without the hefty price tags. In 2010, the brand re-emerged with a new modern look that shows off a vibrant color scheme and bold, honest copy. Significant growth is attributed to solution-based packaging, affordable prices and simple products that deliver what they promise. Our most recent achievements include winning Ulta’s 2017 Brand of the Year award!

Formula 10.0.6 Body Care, launched in 2018, continues on with the same equities as our popular skin care range. Our body care line features 11 items including washes, scrubs, moisturizers, oils and foot care. The brand has already secured distribution in national retail chains in the U.S., Canada, Australia, Sweden and Malaysia!

New to the scene is Good Nature Wellness, our all-natural, hemp-derived CBD product line that makes you look good and feel better from the inside out. Product offerings include toners, moisturizers, eye creams, serums and body oils, all with the added benefit of CBD.

Brands: Formula 10.0.6 Skin Care, Formula 10.0.6 Body Care & Good Nature Wellness


  • Butter Up
    Moisturizing Body Stick with Cocoa Butter and Plum...

  • Meet your new favorite travel companion: Butter Up! Its perfect size fits in your purse, backpack or gym bag, so you can hydrate your skin any time, all the time.  Loaded with antioxidants from hero ingredients plum extract and cocoa butter, this ultra-soft formula helps fight off free radicals and keeps skin moisturized and protected.  Cocoa butter is a star moisturizer due to its high concentration of fatty acid which helps nourish, hydrate and improve skin elasticity. When applied, Butter Up helps create a barrier to protect skin from external nasties while locking in moisture all day long.  Plum extract offers a range of benefits with its high vitamin C content as well as its antioxidant profile. Most notably, these benefits include building up skin’s resilience, evening out skin tone, and improving texture to its most hydrated state.

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