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BODIPURE is the innovative founder of premium skin care products for over 30 years,  relying on the healthy properties of natural ingredients such as green tea, eucalyptus, peppermint, milk and baking soda. This New York-based company specializes in a complete line of bath and body treatments for professional use in spas, salons and premium hotels as well as for consumer/retail opportunities.

BODIPURE has two innovative spa/salon products, perfect for professional and retail use: 

  • Keratin Gloves® and Socks, the first and only hand & foot treatment with keratin, which strengthens nails and nourishes skin. No water, cuticle oil or massage cream needed.
  • Single-Use Spa Treatments - Bodipure's best-selling spa products are now available in single-use packets. Great for home spa kits.

BODIPURE also developed the Original Baking Soda Scrub, a gentle exfoliating scrub with natural baking soda particles to balance and refine your skin, in Sport, Body, Face and Foot formulations.

BODIPURE's Spa Pedicure Line is a skin care treatment regimen that provides all the essentials for a luxurious spa treatment, including Bath, Scrub, Mud, Massage Cream/Oil and Lotion.

Brands: Keratin Gloves & Socks, Single-Use Spa Treatments, Baking Soda Scrub, Purissima Organic Spa Pedicure Line, Green Tea, Silky Milk, Eucalyptus and Peppermint Spa Pedicure Sets


  • Keratin Gloves® and Socks
    Keratin Gloves® and Socks are an exclusive waterless, all-in-one hand and foot treatment with an intensive, healing emulsion to strengthen nails, moisturize hands and soften cuticles.

  • Keratin Gloves® and Socks are the first revolutionary waterless all-in-one mani-pedi treatment to incorporate keratin, a key protein found in skin, hair and nails. Keratin has many benefits, including repairing existing skin damage, increasing skin elasticity and hydration and protecting skin against damaging heat and chemicals. The easy-to-apply treatment strengthens nails, moisturizes skin, and softens cuticles. There is no need for water, massage cream or cuticle oil, saving time and money.

    Keratin Gloves® and Socks are simply slipped on, the emulsion is massaged into hands and feet and after 20 minutes, skin is soft and nails are stronger. It is free of paraben and triclosan making it safe for users and the environment. The disposable, one-time use pouch also provides a more sanitary application. Available in professional boxes (50 pairs/box) and retail single packs or multi-pack display boxes. They are also perfect for at-home and travel use, as well as for gifts.

    Benefits of Keratin:

    • Reinforces the protective outer layer - keeps skin healthy

    • Repairs existing damage
    • Protects your healthy skin, guarding against damaging heat, chemicals or friction
    • Increases skin elasticity
    • Increases skin hydration

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