Somang Glass Co.,Ltd.

Ansung-si,  Gyeonggi-do 
Korea (South)
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Every your cosmetic product will get its identity with our glass containers. 

Somang Glass has been established since December 1989 in Republic of KOREA to provide high quality glass containers. With its manual manufacturing factory together with its automatic manufacturing factory, we offer a broad range of glass container products in variety of sizes, shapes and colors. Likewise, we cater to all of our clients by providing each product made to suit the customer, down to the smallest detail.

We believe ‘Somang’, which literally means ‘Hope’ in English, does not only refer to a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen, but also the word does bring out a feeling of trust.  As our company name stands for, we will strive to offer the best quality products and services; and dedicate to be a reliable and credible resource in this cosmetics market.

Brands: Somang Glass Co., Ltd.


  • Cosmetic Glass Bottle
    Committed to developing new techniques and technologies, Somang Glass has set customer satisfaction as its top priority and will continue to do its utmost to guarantee its clients high quality products....

  • Cosmetic bottles, jars, and ampoules

    We produce glass containers for different uses— skin and lotion, essence, foundation, perfume and diffuser, nail polish, etc. Manufactured in various sizes and shapes, our products are made to suit the customer. By having partnerships with other factories, our broad range of products also comes together with printing, labeling, and coating.

    Cosmetic caps, droppers, and pumps

    Without having to purchase bottles and their subsidiary materials separately, we likewise offer customized caps, droppers, and pumps optimized for bottles in a wide variety of ways.

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