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Consumers shouldn’t have to choose between their health and luxury skincare

•Traditionally, luxury anti-aging skincare creams have utilized petrochemicals and silicone to create a silky feel. Ayr Skin Care has pioneered a unique process (patent pending), incorporating a proprietary blend of the finest plant-based ingredients to replicate this feel without compromise to health.

Everything is created in house

•From the very first idea, to creating the formula and making it fresh every day in our lab, this simple but tried and true approach ensures quality and loving care from beginning to end.

Only the highest quality ingredients

•Luxury ingredients are sourced from countries all over the world, using fair trade and organic ingredients whenever possible. Ethical sourcing and zero compromise on quality. Every ingredient is always vegan and cruelty free.

High Concentrations of Active Ingredients

•Every formula is results driven. Ayr Skin Care uses high concentrations of quality ingredients without cutting corners with fillers to create products that work and feel wonderful - focusing on supporting the best health for dry and mature skin.

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  • Pure Moisture Nourishing Face Cream
    Utilizes patent pending plant-based silicone replacement technology to create the feel of a luxury cream without the use of silicone or petrochemicals. Creates a 72 hour moisture reservoir for deep hydration, reduces signs of aging, and evens skin tone....

  • Ayr Skin Care presents an amazing break-through in natural skin care! This luxurious face cream glides on and dries to a velvet touch without petrochemicals and silicone.   Now there is no need to choose between a silky smooth luxury cream and a cream that is naturally good for your skin. Pure Moisture is designed to hydrate for 72 hours, creating moisturize for a healthy, noticeably different skin.  Zero compromise has been shown in selecting the highest quality vegan ingredients and powerful actives to give you maximum results.  Pure Moisture will be you new favorite face cream!


    Ayr Skin Care offers a feather light cream with the fresh scent of goji berries and citrus that dissipates once you apply it, leaving your skin smoother and softer. Packaged in an airless pump to minimize bacteria from fingers, this is a highly condensed product.


    • Our unique vegan blend of plant sugars, fermented bamboo and 8 additional power ingredients combine and sink deep into the cells to create a 72 hour moisture spring.
    • Boosts circulation and cell regeneration
    • Potent Hexapeptide helps with reducing the appearance of wrinkles, firming and tightening the skin.
    • Mulberry root extract may help with reducing the appearance of skin discoloration for sun damaged skin
    •  No petrochemicals or silicones. (see website for what we do not use).  Vegan. Gluten free, soy free.
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