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BABARIA ( is a Spanish skin, bath and personal care brand based in Valencia Spain, the family owned company Berioska is the owner.   With a strong presence of its products in more than 100 countries, it bases its expansion on the firm independence of external economic interests and on the constant reinvestment of its generated resources.
The factory has 15,000m² built on land of 24,000m², which is an example of its constant growth, from its modern laboratory and research department that guarantees the needs of an increasingly demanding market.
Babaria Quality Policy includes 4 areas that are: QUALITY, WORK SAFETY, ENVIRONMENT AND PRODUCT SECURITY.   We work to ensure that manufactured cosmetic products are suitable for the intended use and to ensure that consumers are not exposed to risks because of defects in their safety, quality or effectiveness.
Babaria is not to test any of our products on animals.    Babaria Laboratories have obtained the CERTIFICATION OF GOOD MANUFACTURING PRACTICES OF COSMETICS (GMP'S)

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