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Viva is a global leader manufacturing plastic tubes with a unique and breakthrough technology : injection molded tube with in mold label. All components are manufactured and printed under the same roof in Toronto for North America, Warsaw for Europe and Hong Kong for Asia.
The main benefits are mainly in outstanding graphics, short leadtimes and high sustainaibility ( 100 % recyclable PP , using up to 35 % less energy to produce and up to 65 % PCR ). Discover our  2018 Worldstar packaging award and our new Velvet Premium Soft Touch Tube. Viva is now getting in the injection molding of other components for the beauty industry such as Deodorant Sticks, Thick Wall PET jars. Also Viva has invested in a brand new vacuum metalizing line 

Brands: Injection Molded In-Mold Label Tubes including: Dual Chamber, Velvet Premium Soft Touch, PCR, Diamond Holographic, Airless Pump, Oval; New Deodorant Sticks

 Press Releases

  • Leveraging decades of expertise in injection-molding, Viva IML Tubes launches two new products to expand their offering:

    • Deodorant Stick with in-mold label
    • Prestige thick wall PET Jar

    Made from recycle-ready polypropylene (PP) with the option to include PCR, the Deodorant Stick has distinctive shelf appeal with spectacular graphics and the full surface decoration of an in-mold label. Why use stickers when you can decorate the whole stick?

    The prestige thick wall PET Jar is beautifully clear, with no crystallization. Made with recycle-ready PET, you can add PCR to enhance your sustainability story.

    Stop by the Viva booth 48433 to see showcased products and other recent developments, including:

    • Dual Chamber Tube
    • Velvet Soft Touch finish
    • Flat and Round Oval Tubes
    • Vacuum Metalized Caps
    • Airless Pumps
    • Special Cosmetic Applicators


  • Breakthrough in Deodorant Stick Technology!
    Full surface decoration with an In-Mold Label
    Special finish options including metallics, holographics, and soft touch
    100% Recycle Ready Polypropylene
    Up to 100% PCR masked by In-Mold Label...

  • Breakthrough in Deodorant Stick Technology!

    Viva launches a Deodorant Stick that is recycle-ready! Made with polypropylene, with the option to include PCR, the Deodorant Stick has distinctive shelf appeal with spectacular graphics and the full surface decoration of an in-mold label. 

    Why use stickers when you can decorate the whole stick?

    Come see us at booth 48433!

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