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Amazon Silk is uniquely situated as the only facial serum in the world that contains the pure natural oil of the recently discovered Amazon cloud forest nut, Plukenetia Huayllabambana, the richest source of Omega 3 on earth.

Top Omega 3 skincare product available
One of the leading moisturizers/humectants due to scientifically formulated combination of Omega 3, 4% cross polymer hyaluronic acid and 3% niacinamide
A powerful all-in-one product that replaces the need to purchase four separate serums. Is beautifully absorbed and noticeably effective.
Actively participate in Amazon Rainforest Preservation. “Passion, purity, plants and people… over profits.”

This innovative serum, was recently featured as a finalist at the Incosmetics Global Paris Green awards. Even more exciting was its selection as a finalist for the Pure Beauty Global awards, which will be awarded May 31 2022 in London. Even if Amazon Silk doesn’t win, it has already been quite a journey from a humble Peruvian cloud forest pueblo to being considered as the best new facial serum in the world.

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 Press Releases

  •  Cloudforest Peru SAC is excited to announce that on March 18, 2022,  their signature facial super serum, Amazon Silk, was named as a finalist in the 2022 Pure Beauty Global Awards.
    Based out of London, England, the Pure Beauty Global Awards feature skincare companies from around the world. An international panel of professional beauty experts from across all sectors will judge the winner based on a product’s usability, effectiveness, unique selling points, functionality and innovation.

    Cloudforest Peru CEO Nancy Trujillo exclaimed “To even be considered and shortlisted as a finalist by such an august body as Pure Beauty Global is absolutely electrifying for us. From our humble beginnings in a remote Amazonian pueblo to this, further validates what many already know, that Amazon Silk truly is a very exciting and effective serum.”

    The winner will be announced May 31 2022.

    Cloudforest Peru SAC is a Peruvian dermocosmetic company based in Lima Peru. The Amazon Silk brand currently is the only company in the world to be using Omega 3 rich Super Sacha Inchi from Peru’s Amazon cloud forest as a hero ingredient.
    Press Contact: Nancy Trujillo Castillo
    Phone: +51 968 240 137 on WhatsApp


  • Amazon Silk Facial Super Serum
    "Amazon Silk is one of the most exciting advanced skincare products to be launched in many years out of LATAM.” ...

  • Amazon Silk Incanta is one of the most exciting new products to ever come out of Peru. It is the only serum in the world that contains the oil of the recently discovered Amazon cloud forest nut, Plukenetia Huaylabambana (PH). Once our INCI application for PH was approved, our cosmetic scientist combined it with a 4% cross polymer hyaluronate, niacinamide, peptides, vitamin complexes and other high end clean and green ingredients to produce a powerful serum that is beautifully absorbed and noticeably effective. The hero ingredient, PH, is now known to contain the highest concentration of Omega 3 of any plant  in the world ( and grows sustainably only in a specific region of the Amazon cloudforest of Peru.


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