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BIODERMA is a French leading dermo-cosmetic brand which has acquired unique expertise by placing biology at the service of dermatology. This original scientific approach relies first and foremost on knowledge of the skin and its biological mechanisms to formulate products directly inspired by them. Bioderma is committed to preserve skin health lastingly. Famous for launching the very first Micellar, the popular Sensibio H20 is sold every 2 seconds in the world. 

Brands: BIODERMA French leading dermocosmetic brand, has acquired unique expertise by placing biology at the service of dermatology, preserving skin health lastingly. Sensibio H2O is the First Micellar Water.

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  • BIODERMA is a NAOS brand that has been passionate about serving skin biology for 40 years. Our innovations and participation in dermatological breakthroughs to improve skin health have made us pioneering experts in dermatological care.

    Ecobiology is at the heart of NAOS approach, based on the idea that the ecosystems of our skin (biology, physiology), of individuals (lifestyle) and of our planet are inextricably linked and interact with one another.

    Our mission: biology at the service of dermatology, at the service of health.
    Working alongside healthcare professionals from across the globe, we help all skin types to strengthen themselves, whatever their sensitivity or environment.

    With the utmost respect for the skin’s natural balance, our care products are developed using a positive approach without compromising on dermatological safety. 

    We also forge links with communities and support everyone, together.

    BIODERMA is a NAOS brand, inspired by life and driven by the heart. 

    A company with a purpose, we aim to build a sustainable future, keen to preserve the human being and its environment.


  • Micellar Water Sensibio H2O
    Sensibio H2O uses micelles, which are molecules with fatty acid esters that capture impurities while respecting your skin’s balance. Sensibio H2O contains no alcohol or paraben and it soothes the skin with a cucumber extract....

  • Sensibio H2O is a cleansing and makeup removing micellar water for sensitive skin.

    Made up of micelles with excellent cleansing and makeup removing properties, Sensibio H2O cleanses the face in the morning and evening, thus helps to prevent pollutants likely to exacerbate skin sensitivity from penetrating the skin.

    The micellar technology developed by Laboratoire BIODERMA, the creator of micellar technology, is inspired by the cellular lipids found in the skin. In perfect harmony with the skin, it preserves the natural protective film. Formulated with a physiological pH of around 5.5 and highly purified and pharmaceutical-grade water, Sensibio H2O respects the skin’s biological balance, which is essential to maintain healthy-looking skin.


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