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Makari de Suisse is a multicultural luxury skincare brand. We are the melanin skin experts. Though Makari means “beautiful” in Swahili, it is just a word. Our brand should mean beauty to all people. That is why understanding it is our goal. Taking care of our skin each day is not merely a cosmetic matter, it’s how it becomes an expression of who we are. 

Understanding beauty is our reason for being, but our products and services are how we deliver it. Because what sets our products apart is that we are melanin skin experts, that help us focus on reducing fine lines and wrinkles, brightening skin, controlling sebum production, and improving the overall appearance of skin. 

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  • Family-owned skincare brand, Makari de Suisse is reintroducing the 27-year-old brand with new messaging and a new website. Focusing  on natural and corrective skincare, Makari is here to reduce the appearance of darks, stretch marks, even out skin tone, correct the signs of aging and fade hyperpigmentation. The brand is concentrating on creating premium skincare products that are results driven and safe to use. Manufactured in Switzerland, the collections are designed to address the many skin concerns among men and women with darker complexions, without the use of harsh chemicals.

    Makari products are created by top chemists with experience in formulating products for deeper skin tones. Every product across the brand is cruelty-free with natural ingredients. The new website allows customers to shop by skin type or concerns, across different collections. The site also offers a skin advisor to help customers choose the products that will benefit their skin the most.

    Makari, which means beautiful in Swahili, is dedicated to creating products that gently nourish and regenerate the skin through the power of plants, minerals, and marine ingredients. The brand’s approach to skincare is through innovative and safe ingredients that improve and preserve one’s skin health. Makari offers premium products that are targeted to addressing the skincare needs of diverse, melanin-rich skin, including hyperpigmentation, excess oil production, hydration, and anti-ageing. For more information on Makari, please visit


  • Retinol Control Line Smoothing Eye Cream
    This Retinol Eye Cream helps boost collagen production and keeps fine lines and wrinkles from appearing. It will firm the delicate skin around your eyes, reduce puffiness, and fight aging signs.<br />...

  • Press tube gently while gliding the application across the eye area. Gently pat the cream with fingertips. Can be used on the upper and lower eye area, morning & night.


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