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The Beauty of Science

Working hand-in-hand with leading scientists, our products are specifically designed to offer benefits to skin, spirit, and earth. A harmonious blend of gentle ingredients, nurturing rituals, and clean ingredients are how we do just that. Each AMEON product is full of powerful and healing mineral energy, micronutrients, and biotech magic.

AMEON is always gazing towards a cleaner and more sustainable future, with products that awaken the skin and reconnect with the earth through powerful, lightweight ingredients inspired by a graceful merging of nature and innovation. Biotechnology is our calling, and our potent formulas are inspired by the latest achievements in science for skin clarity and luminosity that connects deeply with the soul.

AMEON exists to infuse everyday life with love, kindness, empathy, and purpose; encouraging a curious and imaginative approach to self-care and self-love that awakens the mind and turns on your skin’s potential – from the inside out.

 Press Releases

  • Your skin is sacred. So experiencing a cryotherapy facial isn’t just about cleansing and toning. It’s about increasing the blood flow in your face to tighten and brighten your complexion.
    This innovative cold facial involves having liquid nitrogen (aka dry ice) pumped on your face for 2 to 3 minutes. The result leaves your skin with a dewy, youthful glow.
    It boosts cell rejuvenation and collagen — which are key to your skin remaining elastic and supple for longer. And it can reduce pigmentation and inflammation to help your skin look radiant.
    And here’s a skincare secret used by some of the top celebrity makeup artists in the world...
    You can get similar results with a home care remedy called skin icing. It’s the practice of gently massaging your face with ice cubes, like giving yourself a “mini-facial”. This clean, natural remedy helps maintain healthy, glowing skin. It reduces inflammation and improves blood circulation.
    It’s a tried and true technique used by top makeup artists like Lisa Eldridge, celebrities like Kate Moss and world-class spas.

    Regular home ice facials are used by professionals who value natural, clean skincare. They consistently rely on this method because they’ve experienced benefits like:

    • Improving blood circulation
    • Soothing tired, puffy eyes
    • Boosting the skins healthy glow
    • Reducing pores on the face
    • Firming the face before applying makeup
    • Soothing acne

    The ice constricts the blood vessels and contracts the muscles, which improves blood circulation and reduces pores on the face. This helps fatigued faces experience a stimulating feeling with a firming effect from the ice. It helps eliminate toxins and eases the signs of wrinkles, and slows down the appearance of new ones.
    At AMEŌN we believe that regular, clean skincare rituals have an impact on your well-being. Having healthy, glowing skin radiates positive energy when you look in the mirror and that affects your mood throughout the day.
    We’ve created Supreme Energy and Glow Manifesto Ice Cubes, with coctail from unique and effective ingredients. They’re perfect for your at-home skincare routine.Pairing our ice cubes with our serums and moisturizer will hydrate and firm your skin. So you’ll radiate that natural inner glow through a smooth and soft complexion.

    Be intelligent. Be informed. Live a #ameonlife

  • Are the stressors of work affecting your skin? Can you see your skin taking a physical toll due to the anxiety or hassle life keeps throwing at you? Well we can’t take the weight of the world off of your shoulders, but we can tell you how to get your skin to GLOW every morning with this routine…
    Applying cutting-edge research our skincare scientists and self-love experts created a 3-Step Ritual to bring luxury spa treatment results into your home.

    STEP 1

    Let's start with the science:
    Icing your skin causes your blood vessels to constrict and then dilate pulsing oxygen and nutrients into the skin cells. This icing technique helps ingredients penetrate deeper to hydrate and promote a plumper, smoother and glowing complexion. With skin icing you actually see results faster. 

    Sounds cool, right? Really cool!

    Skin Icing Ritual:
    Freeze AMEŌN ICE CUBES for 4 Hours to Activate the Formula. To apply, select an ICE CUBE from the freezer and remove it from its mold. After cleansing your skin apply the ICE CUBE in gentle, circular motions to your face, neck, and decolletage.  Wait until the melted ice absorbs into your skin before applying your AMEŌN serum.We also recommend activating your energy points, to help you relax and remove the negative stressors and toxins from your life… even for a brief moment.

    STEP 2

    After Frozen Essence absorbs into your skin, take the next step by applying Serum (aka your best beauty ally). Thanks to Skin Icing, your skin is now set up for success so that your AMEŌN serum will work like magic.
    If you have dry skin with hyperpigmentation, AURORA Glow Serum helps make your skin soft and velvety by improving elasticity and reducing wrinkles. While on the other hand, BABY BUDDHA Calming Serum restores your skin microbiome to help with premature aging, reduce irritation and calm acne-prone skin.

    Serum Ritual:
    Apply one or two drops onto clean, damp skin twice daily (morning and night).  Gently pat into skin for optimal absorption. AMEŌN serums work wonders and works perfectly together, so mix and match them to enjoy the better results.

    STEP 3

    Сlean, lightweight, and powerful, HOLY CREAM Diamond Moisturizer immediately delivers vital moisture to skin through the power of gentle plant oils and potent peptides. It enhances firmness for a supple even surface and luminous natural glow.
    Use it regularly as a part of AMEŌN’s luxurious 3-Step Ritual, HOLY CREAM will set you on a life-long journey of skin rejuvenation that improves your skin with every application. HOLY CREAM is a self-love essential that heals your face from the inside-out.

    HOLY CREAM Ritual:
    After letting your AMEŌN serum work its magic, apply HOLY CREAM in light strokes to the face and neck without over-massaging. For daytime use, follow with sunscreen.


  • Supreme Energy Ice Cubes
    Supreme Energy Ice Cubes promote hydrated and rejuvenated skin while detoxifying and boosting firmness to reduce surface redness and inflammation....

  • Supreme Energy Ice Cubes offer a solution rich in antioxidants and nutrients with a potent amino acid-mineral complex count and fruit acids that leave the skin feeling fresh, toned, and youthful.
    Expertly designed to naturally encourage the facial blood vessels to constrict and dilate, the application of the Supreme Energy Ice Cubes gently pulses oxygen and nutrients into skin cells to restore and revive.

  • Glow Manifesto Ice Cubes
    Glow Manifesto Ice Cubes offer a dynamic facial treatment full of potent ingredients that reveal your skin’s true potential and reduce visual signs of damage caused by modern stressors like lack of sleep, busy schedules, blue light and pollution....

  • Seeking to reduce the visual signs of damage caused by modern stressors like lack of sleep, pollution, and politics?
    Our Glow Manifesto Ice Cubes offer a dynamic cryotherapy facial treatment full of potent, scientifically charged ingredients that reveal your skin’s true potential.

    Treat your skin to the luxurious formula of our exclusive Glow Manifesto Ice Cubes, expertly designed to instantly renew a healthy glow by hydrating the dermis and gently tightening pores.

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