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What started as a remedy for allergies and a coffee grinder in a New Orleans kitchen, is now on a mission to break barriers in the beauty market. With transparency in all ingredients, VOODOO MAKEUP challenges the conventions of clean beauty by focusing on breaking the stigma that surrounds it. The company sees no compromise between clean beauty and high performing goods, consistently pushing boundaries of innovation within the beauty market itself.

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  • Beauty relaunch furthers mission to inspire consumers to demonstrate an unapologetic freedom of expression.

    KATY, Texas, March 11, 2022 (Newswire) - VOODOO MAKEUP, a clean beauty-driven brand focused on leading the clean and conscious lifestyle for true artists at heart, has announced a new direction in their marketing initiatives featuring a high-impact approach without compromise. Breaking barriers of the often-expected color palette packaging, the brand is introducing modern packaging in rich, dark notes, presenting an elevated approach to clean. 

    Consumers can also find a new direction through their high-gloss content being shared within their social media - "this isn't your ordinary clean beauty," as noted by their Marketing Team. The formulas are all the same, offering high-quality ingredients available to create a truly clean collection, all while continuing with their hefty spread of color options. From 18 variations in foundations, 50+ eyeshadows, and customized palettes, VOODOO MAKEUP is raising the bar for their competitors in the clean beauty field. 

    "Just because something is labeled 'clean', doesn't mean it shouldn't be cool and edgy. As pioneers in clean beauty, we wanted to raise the standard in the industry at large by presenting a clean-beauty brand that didn't need to fit in a particular mold. Having the brand be born with a purpose to offer quality goods that provide ingredients that support skin wellness, it was important to us we also give artists the opportunity to create beautiful looks with highly pigmented rich color assortments." - Aimee Karr, Founder

    In addition to the refreshed look and feel, VOODOO MAKEUP is also focused on expanding their distribution as well as begin introducing what they are noting as phases 2 and 3 (Currently, the brand can be found online as well as in QVC.) In phase 2 they are happy to announce new product launches, including but not limited to mascara, along with additional color options of existing product favorites. Within phase 3, they will be launching their long-awaited skincare assortment. 

    Keep a lookout by visiting their new website and stay connected by following them on Instagram.

    VOODOO MAKEUP, an all-natural, allergen-free brand; free of corn, gluten, and soy - stripped down to only the most essential vegan ingredients, lives by the motto: Be healthy. Be beautiful. 

    What began with mysterious allergies and a coffee grinder in a New Orleans kitchen has a mission to break barriers in the clean-beauty market.

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  • Voodoo Makeup
    We use only the best natural ingredients, offering one of the largest CLEAN BEAUTY color selections. All products are PALEO, Non-GMO, VEGAN, CRUELTY-FREE, GLUTEN FREE, and FREE OF MYCOTOXINS and ALLERGENS, such as CORN and SOY.<br /><br /><br />...

  • Praise your natural beauty! Using our buildable, weightless, coconut cream foundation, made with natural ingredients, your skin will not only feel soft and hydrated, but it will leave you enjoying a radiant picturesque finish.

    This first-of-its-kind formula focuses on using only the best natural ingredients available to promote beauty and skincare as one. Offering a supple feel of a cream foundation in a sleek compact, our foundation is not only buildable, but can be applied both wet and dry, leaving you with a beautiful airbrush finish; but not to worry, though the foundation will blend seamlessly giving you the desired coverage, the weightless product still allows your skin to breathe while looking like skin. 

    Not sure on your color? Thanks to our formulation, our foundation's technology will heat up to your skin's temperature and adjust itself to give the best possible natural match - up to a three-color difference.


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