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Founded in 2016 by DR. and led by a femaleR&D team.OSMETIC TUBES are made of a bioplastic-biopolymer derived from sugar cane. Also purifying the air and thus protecting the ozone layer. The COSMETIC BOXES, PACKAGING, SHIPMENT BOXES, WRAPPING PAPER AND EVEN ADHESIVE TAPE we use in our packaging are made of 100% recycled paper and cardboard, which is certified to be protected and sustainable during production. The paper used is certified by the FSC, a responsible forest management organization that ensures forest biodiversity, soil conservation and carbon sequestration to mitigate global warming. Paper production uses 100% renewable green energy, and the Green Seal certificate ensures that the boxes are made from paper that meets the highest environmental standards.The INGREDIENTS we use are only plant-based, completely natural and environmentally friendly: from renewable carbon sources (we ensure that the plants from which the raw materials are extracted are replanted) and self-decomposing. We use biotechnological innovations - a model of green (plant), blue (algae and microplankton) and white (bacterial cultivation) biotechnology.

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