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Yours Truly® is a company where individuality is all that matters. We produce personalized hair and body care that is fully customized to the needs of our customers. We pay holistic attention to our environment and achieve a modern balance between naturalness & Clean Beauty and professional salon quality performance. Ingredients which are deemed controversial or potentially harmful are consciously being avoided. All products are manufactured in Germany and filled in sustainable and recycled bottles. 

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  • Yours Truly® – Hair care as unique as you!

    Your hair is distinctive and unique – and your hair care should be as well!

    Moisture, Volume, Anti-Frizz and UV Protection all in one product? One size fits no one - every hair has different needs and wants. In the past you had to decide what was most important for your hair and this decision resulted in a compromise. 

    Not anymore! Yours Truly® offers handcrafted and personalized haircare products, perfectly matched to your hair’s desires and cravings. The personalization of Yours Truly® hair care also offers a revolutionary new way of haircare service for salons. 

    The art of personalization

    How to create a product that fulfills all the hair needs? The answer is easy: An online questionnaire and an intelligent algorithm.

    At Yours Truly® customers can luxuriate in a personal one-on-one video consultation with a Yours Truly® hair care expert. Together they go through a questionnaire aimed at accessing the customer’s hair condition and desires to create a unique hair profile. Customers can also go through the questionnaire by themselves without an assisted consultation. It only takes a few minutes.

    The algorithm then calculates the right ingredients as well as dosing to deliver an individual formula with unique set of active components tailored for each customer.


    Yours Truly® is formulated with carefully selected ingredients and actives to ensure that the products are safe for hair, skin, body, and the environment. Every product is hand-made in our Yours Truly® lab in Seeheim-Jugenheim.

    The ingredients are up to 100 %* natural origin according to ISO (dependent on final formulation). Yours Truly® gives full transparency into which ingredients are used in the formulas and what they do. It is the perfect balance between clean beauty products and great performance.  

    Safe for the environment

    Responsibility and sustainability are Yours Truly®’s number one priority. All products are produced locally in Germany and filled into recycled and recyclable PCR (post-consumer-recycled) bottles. The imperfect surface of the bottles gives each bottle a unique fingerprint, just as each product and customer is unique. The airless packaging ensures a stable product quality and allows all the product in the bottle to be completely used.

    Moringa – the key to healthy hair

    The Moringa plant as a natural ingredient plays a big part in the Yours Truly® world. Because it is so rich in vitamins, Moringa is also called the “tree of life”. It contains more calcium than milk, seven times more vitamin C than an orange, iron, vitamin A, and so much more. Moringa nourishes with essential acids, nutrients and moisture. It can help to reduce hair loss and stimulates hair growth for stronger hair. Thus, Moringa is an ingredient that can be found in all Yours Truly® products.

    Product-personalization in salons

    A perfect hair cut to match the shape of the face, an individual hair color to match the skin complexion, and now a personalized hair care to match the unique hair canvas. Yours Truly® was created with hairdressers for hairdressers. The products are available to order and shipped directly to customers’ home and they can be also experienced on site at the salon.

    Consultation salons

    Who knows the customers’ hair better than the customers themselves? Their hairdresser of course. A hairdresser’s expertise makes the perfect personalized consultation possible. Customer and stylist will go through the online haircare questionnaire together. The stylist can check the customer’s scalp with the Yours Truly® sebum test strips. The customer can also test smell and choose their preferred fragrance. The algorithm does the rest.

    If a stylist assists a customer with answering the questionnaire, the customer can scan the stylist’s unique QR code, use a personal link or enter the salon’s contact information. For every product sold the salon will receive a commission. It generates sales without the need to stock products in the salon. In the case where no salon is connected to an order that was placed, the Wild Beauty GmbH Benefit Locals system provides a shared benefit to the salons.

    Experience salons

    The highlight of the tailormade hair care is the hand mixed formula by the stylist in the salon. The choice of different boosters, fragrances and bases allows the stylists to create a personalized product which a customer can experience and enjoy right away. Modern Stylists already mix hair color in front of their customers to let them take part in the salon experience. Yours Truly® offers a chance to do the same now with hair care products.


  • Yours Truly Shampoo
    Gentle yet potent. Your unique shampoo is made to order and formulated with clean and effective active ingredient complexes to deliver on all the nutrients your hair is craving....

  • The Yours Truly shampoo sets an end to standard hair care, that only focuses on one specific need. Be it moisture, volume, repair, UV protection, or all of the above. The product we mix for our customers takes into account their specific hair texture, hair condition, personal preferences, and hair goals. Through a quick online consultation, we get to know our customers hair and mix a truly unique product that satisfies all their hair needs. Thereby Yours Truly delivers Clean Beauty par excellence: Every single formula is vegan, animal friendly, and filled with ingredients that are up to 100% natural origin. We manufacture our products in Germany and use sustainable, recycled bottles and packaging materials.

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