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We have grown with our customers

From Korea to the world with Korean made products!

NEST-FILLER PKG is a specialized cosmetic packaging company supplying the products to about 200 companies in 60 more countries around the world.

The innovative technology of R&D center has been strengthened with about 20 cases of patents and PCT applications.

One stop system of R&D, sales, quality control and logistics present who NEST-FILLER PKG is.

Based on our 20 years of history and experience, we can provide you the qualified products with the best price and the fast feedback.

Due to the above, you will be able to have stronger competitiveness in the market with us.


Steve Shim

 Press Releases

  • NEST-FILLER PKG presents its latest innovative, sustainable packaging solutions for beauty and skincare lines. 

    With myriad cosmetic products available to choose from, stylish and highly functional beauty packaging that is also sustainable is key for appealing to consumers.

    Sustainable and impactful

    NEST-FILLER PKG invites you to Cosmoprof North America LAS VEGAS 2022 from 12th to 14th July where you will find our company's NEW Innovative and Sustainable packaging solutions at Booth 55052.

    Through Cosmoprof North America LAS VEGAS 2022, we will meet your complete needs for new packaging. 

    We offer many different sustainable packaging choices available for a variety of packaging solutions from airless/dispenser/glass to tube/tottles, including: 

    • Reduced plastic packaging : PAPER TUBE, LIGHT CREAM JAR
    • PCR packaging : PCR PET / PCR PP
    • Mono-material packaging : ALL PE TUBE, ALL PP JAR, ALL PP AIRLESS(Metal-Free pump)
    • Glass packaging : EL GLASS, GLASS SERIES
    • Refillable packaging : One Click Refill cream jar, Refillable bottle
    • Innovative paper laminate packaging

    "Our customers want exciting new products that meet different sustainability objectives and with the quality of production for which the Korean beauty industry is so well known. We are bringing our expertise to Americas for Cosmoprof North America LAS VEGAS, where we will be showcasing different sustainable packaging choices, including refillable packaging, reduced plastic packaging, PCR packaging and more.

    Our team will be in the show at Booth 55052, so that you see our latest inspirational sustainable packaging options first hand and have your unique questions answered by our expert packaging team."


  • OCR (One Click Refill)
    * REFILL * REUSE * REDUCE<br />NEST-FILLER PKG's One Click Refill (OCR) jar offers the most easy way to replace the inner jar.<br />The consumer can separate the inner jar from the outer jar by clicking the engraved PUSH mark.<br />...

  • NEST-FILLER PKG - Korean packaging company - has made environmental cosmetic products even more convenient for the consumer, offering brands an easy way to maintain sustainability propositions.

    NEST-FILLER PKG's latest offering is the One Click Refill cream jar.

    From the outside, this patented* new double wall jar looks like a classic cream jar, however, once the lid is opened, the benefits of the jar are clear to see.

    After the cap is unscrewed, it is clear to see the special PUSH mark engraved on the neck of the jar.

    With the push of this part, the consumer easily ejects the inner jar from the outer jar, making it easy and convenient to insert a brand new refill jar back into the pack without the requirement for any special equipment and without damaging their nails!

    NEST-FILLER PKG's One Click Refill (OCR) jar follows the 3R's principle of sustainability:

    • Refillable inner jar
    • Reusable outer jar
    • Reduced plastic weight

    The lighter weight package reduces the amount of plastic required, and by combining a refillable inner with a stylish reusable outer jar, the lifetime of the product is extended.

    The OCR jar is offered in two popular capacities for cosmetic creams: 30g and 50g.

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