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A recognized company in the beauty care industry, Seppic envisions and creates innovative, efficient and easy to use solutions for your needs. Revolving around our core technologies (Polymer science, Bio-base chemistry, Marine biotechnologies and Botanical ingredients) and supported by our formulation and biological expertise, we offer ingredients to help free your creativity.

Brands: Sepimax™ Zen, Sepigel™, Solagum™, Montnaov™, Aquaxyl™, Sepilift™ DPHP, Voluform™, Sepitonic™, Celtosome™, Ceramosides™ HP

 Show Specials

  • Cosmoprof 2022 will be the occasion for Seppic to display our latest skin care and hair care prototypes for inspiration, especially:

    California Dreamin' kit: escape from daily life with prototypes that allow you to experience the splash of the waves, the saltiness of the sea, the touch of the sand, and the tan of the sun!

    Curly Headed Cutie kit: a step-by-step hair regimen to strengthen, hydrate and define natural curls with Seppic ingredients that bring a variety of textures and sensorial properties.

    Free your Creativity with Seppic!

 Press Releases

  • A recognized company in the beauty care industry, Seppic creates innovative, efficient and easy-to-use ingredients that revolve around our core technologies (Polymer science, Bio-base chemistry, Marines biotechnologies and Botanical ingredients).


    Supported by our formulation and biological expertise, Seppic’s unique ingredients enhance our customers' creativity in developing beauty products with our intelligent thickeners, sensorial emulsifiers, efficacious actives,…


    Seppic is attending Cosmoprof North America 2022 to provide inspiration to beauty brands and beauty professionals with ready-to-use, sophisticated and elegant textures containing clinically tested active ingredients. Join us to experience our newest ingredient and inspirational kit launches!


    A new 100% plant-based emollient for a green, sustainable alternative to heavy silicones. EMOGREEN™ HP 40 offers the same sensory profile and performance as Dimethiconol-based blends, with film-forming properties for heat protection of the hair!...

  • At a time when the sustainability and performance of ingredients are increasingly challenged, Seppic
    launches after many years of research and conscious innovation: EMOGREEN™ HP 40. This newcomer
    extends the high-purity sustainable EMOGREEN™ range of emollients. Obtained by a patented process,
    EMOGREEN™ HP 40 is a textured and slightly viscous emollient. It is a new generation of emollients that
    offers an effective and sustainable alternative to heavy silicones, mineral oils and other synthetic emollients.
    100% Plant-based, this patented and inherently biodegradable emollient offers the solution of a more
    virtuous environmental footprint.
    Versatile texturizing ingredient, EMOGREEN™ HP 40 imparts film forming properties with a smooth
    enveloping and supple afterfeel with no tacky effect. This oustanding multifaceted capacity will
    significantly enhance the efficacy and specific seeked performance of any type of cosmetic applications (skin
    care, make-up, sun care, etc.).
    In particular, manufacturers and end-users of hair care products will definitely acknowledge the thermal
    protection performance* of this emollient that offers the same sensory and applicative benefits of
    silicones (Dimethicone/Dimethiconol, Cyclopentasiloxane/Dimethiconol) without their drawbacks (greasy and
    sticky sensation). Plus, EMOGREEN™ HP 40 helps to preserve keratin structure under thermal treatment
    in order to maintain the hair healthy and protected. Other additional performance such as anti-frizz,
    volume control and easy combing have been demonstrated thanks to the product’s substantivity on the
    hair fiber and its ability to smooth out the hair scales.
    Other key benefits of this multifunctional innovative ingredient are its large compatibility in formulation
    along with an ease of use and cold processability, further arguments in favor of eco responsible concepts.
    With this new launch, Seppic consolidates its position as a CSR leading supplier in the challenging hair care

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