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Solésence Beauty Science is a beauty product developer and manufacturer of clean, inclusive, mineral-based skin care and makeup at the forefront of skin health. Solésence partners with global and indie brands to bring award-winning, patent-protected environmental protection products to market via over a dozen market-ready offerings that embrace self-expression, health care, and self-care across skin care and makeup categories, as well as custom development, with turnkey options available across all paths to market.

Solésence finished goods offer brands patented, science-led formulas that leverage an ever-expanding suite of technologies within the Active Stress Defense™ platform – all of which take a proactive approach to skin health by offering one-of-a-kind UV, pollution, blue light, and IR protection, as well as anti-oxidant boosting and free radical quenching.

Solésence market-ready, white label products follow the latest market conversations in textures, ingredients, and claims to keep your brand on-trend and your product offerings diverse and fun. Visit to browse product stories and view our brand resources. The future of sun care is the future of beauty!

 Press Releases

  • ROMEOVILLE, Ill., June 21, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Solésence Beauty Science, a leader in inclusive, mineral-based beauty products for skin care and makeup brands, today announced that it received in late May a certificate of patent in Korea for a new generation of high-transparency zinc oxide mineral sunscreen with enhanced UV blocking performance. The patent has been granted to Nanophase Technologies, of which Solésence is a wholly owned subsidiary.

    The novel ingredient technology, which is already available as a non-nano ingredient exclusively in Solésence Beauty Science white label and custom-developed formulas as Kleair™, is a groundbreaking technology that optimizes high-purity zinc oxide to deliver novel skin health benefits across the full range of skin tones. The patent (No. 10-2391600 granted April 25, 2022), titled “Zinc Oxide Particles, Photostable UV Filters, and Methods of use Thereof” claims Kleair™ as a new material for protecting skin, including from light; preventing or reducing lines and wrinkles; preventing loss of elasticity; preventing skin thinning; and protecting antioxidants in the skin. The patent grant covers the ingredient’s use in a variety of product formats, including but not limited to foam, cream, lotion, spray, gel, stick, and powder. Other worldwide patent applications are pending.

    “The Kleair™ technology platform is another milestone for our company. Our Original Active Stress Defense™ served as the foundation for launching Solésence — it enabled us to create exceptionally transparent mineral skin care products that provided best-in-class UV protection while also quenching damaging, pollution-induced free radicals,” commented Kevin Cureton, Chief Operating Officer. “Our focus on executing our mission — which is to enhance lives through healthy skin — is inherent in our technology development and innovation efforts, and ultimately led to the creation of Kleair™.”

    “Zinc oxide is the only globally approved, broad-spectrum sunscreen active — and Kleair™ reinvents zinc oxide, optimizing it to improve its efficacy and aesthetics while retaining the purity to meet global requirements,” commented Dr. Harry Sarkas, Chief Scientific Officer. “The implications of this from a global health perspective are enormous, not only because we can achieve best-in-class UV performance and unparalleled suppression of free radical expression, but our biggest win of all is extremely high transparency, which should even further improve and expand consumer enthusiasm over mineral-based sunscreens. With this innovation, we are one step closer to skin health for all.”

    Cureton continued: “Now with Kleair™ technology, and others that we will soon announce, we are poised to continue to succeed in our commitment to lead the next chapter of inclusive skin care and makeup products with our brand and retail partners. We are excited that our global application for Kleair™ received a first issuance in Korea — and that we received it during Skin Cancer Awareness Month is incredible.”

    About Solésence Beauty Science   
    Solésence, LLC,, a wholly owned subsidiary of Nanophase Technologies, is changing the face of skin health with patented, mineral-based technology that is embraced by leading performance-driven and clean beauty brands alike. Our patented products for brands transform the way mineral actives look, feel and function — enabling textures never-before-seen in the mineral space and inclusivity never-before-seen in the sun care space. Solésence’s innovative formulations offer best-in-class UV protection, unparalleled free radical prevention to protect against pollution, and enhanced antioxidant performance.   

    About Nanophase Technologies    
    Nanophase Technologies Corporation (OTCQB: NANX),, is a leading innovator in minerals-based and scientifically driven health care solutions across beauty and life science categories, as well as other legacy advanced materials applications. Leveraging a platform of integrated, patented, and proprietary technologies, the Company creates products with unique performance, enhancing consumers' health and wellbeing. We deliver commercial quantity and quality engineered materials both as ingredients and as part of fully formulated products in a variety of formats.    

    Forward-Looking Statements  
    This press release contains words such as “expects,” shall,” “will,” “believes,” and similar expressions that are intended to identify forward-looking statements within the meaning of the Safe Harbor Provisions of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Such statements in this announcement are made based on the Company’s current beliefs, known events and circumstances at the time of publication, and as such, are subject in the future to unforeseen risks and uncertainties that could cause the Company’s results of operations, performance, and achievements to differ materially from current expectations expressed in, or implied by, these forward-looking statements. These risks and uncertainties include, without limitation, the following: a decision by a customer to cancel a purchase order or supply agreement in light of the Company’s dependence on a limited number of key customers; uncertain demand for, and acceptance of, the Company’s engineered materials, ingredients, and fully formulated products; the Company’s manufacturing capacity and product mix flexibility in light of customer demand; the Company’s limited marketing experience; changes in development and distribution relationships; the impact of competitive products and technologies; the Company’s dependence on patents and protection of proprietary information; the resolution of litigation in which the Company may become involved; the impact of any potential new government regulations that could be difficult to respond to or too costly to comply with while remaining financially viable; the ability of the Company to maintain an appropriate electronic trading venue; and other factors described in the Company’s Form 10-K filed March 31, 2022. In addition, the Company’s forward-looking statements could be affected by general industry and market conditions and growth rates. Except as required by federal securities laws, the Company undertakes no obligation to update or revise these forward-looking statements to reflect new events, uncertainties, or other contingencies.

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  • Beauty Drops Total Protection Serum SPF 50+
    An ultra-lightweight daily skin health serum or cc cream. Available untinted or in 6 shades, Beauty Drops offers patented UV, pollution, and blue light protection, and up to 200% boost in antioxidants....

  • Beauty Drops Total Protection serum/cc cream is an ultra-lightweight daily skin protector designed to provide your brand with a clear, specific, best-in-class suite of must-have wellness and prevention benefits. Available in six shades to match a range of skin tones, Beauty Drops goes far beyond the traditional CC cream "with SPF" to be a versatile product that offers broad-spectrum, mineral-based sun protection and a daily health boost via an anti-oxidant enhancement. Its short- and long-term beauty benefits make it a must-have in any cosmetic bag.

    Active Stress Defense™ technology-enabled claims:

    • Patented, featherweight texture is ideal for morning, midday, or evening use
    • Non-nano, mineral-based, broad-spectrum SPF 50+ sunscreen protects the skin from 98%+ of UV radiation
    • Reduces pollution-induced free radicals
    • Blocks more than 35% of blue light (HEVL)
    • Boosts anti-oxidant activity by as much as 200%

    Additional marketing claims available:

    • 80-minute water resistance
    • Tinted to balance skin tone
    • Non-comedogenic
    • Non-nano, Chemical-sunscreen-free, Paraben-free, Fragrance-free, and Cruelty-free
  • Clean Mineral UV Shield SPF 50+
    A clean, medium-weight moisturizer that plays with innovation, doesn’t compromise on performance, and is packed with naturally-derived ingredients and moisturization heroes....

  • Clean Mineral UV Shield gives consumers exactly what they’ve been asking for: a clean product that doesn’t compromise on performance, plays with innovation, and is packed with naturally-derived ingredients and moisturization heroes. The medium-weight moisturizer contains silicone-free Kleair™ Technology, a unique, non-nano mineral shield that delivers broad-spectrum SPF 50+ sun protection and pollution defense to keep the skin fully protected. Hyaluronic acid, sustainably produced squalane, and organic jojoba oil round out this delightful and nourishing face and body cream.

    Kleair™ enabled claims:

    • Non-nano, mineral-based broad spectrum SPF 50+ sunscreen protects the skin from 98%+ of UV radiation
    • Pollution Defense Technology reduces pollution-induced free radicals by 85%
    • Kleair™ Technology boosts antioxidant activity by as much as 200%

    Additional marketing claims available:

    • Patented, medium weight fluid instantly evens skin tone and hides fine lines and wrinkles
    • Contains well-known ingredient hero Hyaluronic Acid to help moisturize not only topically on the skin, but within the skin as well
    • Contains other naturally derived ingredients including grape seed extract, green tea extract, and bisabolol
    • 80-minute water resistance
    • Contains anti-irritant ingredient allantoin via a patented delivery system
    • Non-comedogenic
    • Paraben-free, PEG-free, Phenoxyethanol Free, Fragrance-free, and Cruelty-free
  • Multi-cultural Magic SPF 50+
    A luxurious, medium-weight moisturizer that offers comprehensive protection against free radicals emitted by UVA, UVB, HEV light, and pollution, with an elegant finish suited for all skin tones. This product comes untinted or tinted....

  • Multicultural Magic featuring Bloom™ (tinted version) and Kleair™ (tinted/untinted) is a luxurious, medium-weight moisturizer that features two patented-pending technologies in the Active Stress Defense™ suite — offering comprehensive protection against free radicals emitted by UVA, UVB, HEV (blue) light, and pollution, with an elegant finish suited for all skin tones. This product comes untinted or tinted, and the tinted version can double as a lightweight color corrector.

    Kleair™ technology-enabled claims:

    • Medium-weight formula leaves skin feeling smooth and moisturized
    • Non-nano, mineral-based broad-spectrum SPF 50+ sunscreen protects the skin from 98%+ of UV radiation
    • Reduces pollution-induced free radicals by over 85%(1)
    • Extremely high-transparency zinc oxide reduces the signs of early aging, such as fine lines, blotchiness, and an uneven skin appearance
    • *If added* a super-powered anti-oxidant complex works in synergy with Kleair™ zinc oxide to boost anti-oxidant activity by as much as 200%

    Bloom™-enabled claims:

    • Reduces up to 77% of blue light (HEVL) light-induced free radicals.
    • Plant-based rutin gives a synergistic boost to UV performance and free radical fighting in the skin

    Additional marketing claims available:

    • In a clinical study after one day of use(3)
      • 100% of users experienced over a 40%increase in skin’s moisture levels in just one hour
      • 100% of users experienced an immediate reduction in water loss, with 90% maintaining the reduction for 8 hours, demonstrating an improvement in skin’s barrier function
    • Sustainably produced squalane provides moisturization and anti-aging benefits while contributing to eco-conscious branding
    • Vegetable glycerin and apple extract deliver superior hydration to the skin
    • Untinted
    • Non-nano, Chemical-sunscreen-free, Silicone-free, Paraben-free, Fragrance-free, Cruelty-free
    Ex-vivo study using cigarette smoke as model for pollution when exposed to 1MED of UV, using porcine skin model
    In-vitro measure of anti-oxidant activity after being exposed to 2MED of UV
    In-vivo clinical study conducted with 10 subjects
  • Velvet Drops SPF 50+
    A velvety, featherweight serum that delivers the wellness benefits of Beauty Drops but with silicone-free Kleair™ technology. Light enough for oily skin and an ideal texture for morning or all day use. Untinted, or tinted, available in 6 shades....

  • Velvet Drops is an ultra-lightweight daily skin moisturizer that delivers the wellness benefits of Beauty Drops but with silicone-free Kleair™ technologyDesigned to provide your brand with a clearspecificbest-in-class suite of must-have wellness and prevention benefitsVelvet Drops is a versatile clean beauty product that can be positioned as a step in a morning beauty/wellness ritual or as a pre-workout protective shieldWith broad-spectrummineral-based sun protectionpatent-pending pollution and blue light protectionand an anti-oxidant enhancementeach application is a daily health boost.

    Kleair™-enabled claims:

    • Velvety, featherweight serum is light enough for oily skin and an ideal texture for morning or all day use
    • Non-nano, mineral-based, broad-spectrum SPF 50+ sunscreen protects the skin from 98%+ of UV radiation
    • Reduces pollution-induced free radicals
    • Blocks more than 35% of blue light (HEVL)
    • Boosts anti-oxidant activity by as much as 200%

    Additional marketing claims available:

    • Silicone-free technology and 100% non-nano mineral sunscreen actives contribute to clean and green product positioning
    • 40-minute water resistance
    • Chemical sunscreen-free, paraben-free, fragrance-free, and cruelty-free
  • Universal Glow - Eye, Cheek & Lip Pigment SPF 45+
    This unique, protective eye, cheek and lip pigment is a swipe of glamor and skin care in one. Primes, blurs, and seals the skin to hide wrinkles and creases, and its creamy texture melts to a powdery glow for a flawless finish....

  • This unique, protective eye, cheek and lip pigment is a swipe of glamor and skin care in one. The ultimate purpose-driven super-cosmetic, Universal Glow primes, blurs, and seals the skin to hide wrinkles and creases, and its creamy and luxurious texture melts to a powdery glow for a flawless finish. Broad-spectrum SPF 45+ sun protection shields the skin from UVA and UVB rays while patented pollution defense technology protects against pollution and blue light. Universal Glow also contributes to a long-term glow with boosted vitamin E and ultra-moisturization.

    Solésence Original Active Stress Defense™ technology-enabled claims:

    • Smooth cream-to-powder pigment primes, blurs, and moisturizes the skin — including the delicate area near the eye
    • Non-nano, mineral-based broad-spectrum SPF 45+ sunscreen protects the skin from 97%+ of UV radiation
    • 20% non-nano zinc oxide offers a therapeutic benefit to the skin
    • Reduces pollution-induced free radicals and protects against blue light (HEVL) and IR
    • Boosts anti-oxidant activity by as much as 200%

    Additional marketing claims available:

    • Long-wearing
    • Non-nano, chemical-sunscreen-free, paraben-free, alcohol-free, fragrance-free, cruelty-free

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