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BASF offers one of the most comprehensive ingredients portfolios in the personal care industry. We provide the resources of a global industry leader along with consumer insights, sustainable solutions and the innovative drive our customers expect. Our high-quality product range includes surfactants, emulsifiers, polymers, emollients, cosmetic active ingredients, UV filters, thickeners, protein products and lipid layer enhancers. With production and development sites as well as sales and marketing offices all over the world, we offer our customers the winning combination of global reach and market intelligence, technological excellence and formulation expertise. We have integrated sustainability into all our processes and value chains. Our focus on consumer trends, specific industry requirements and the ability to innovate and bring new products and concepts rapidly to the market contribute strongly to the success of our customers – and make BASF a valued partner for the personal care industry. 

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  • (Jul 06, 2022)

    Want to speed up your product formulation and marketing development process? 

    In today’s highly fragmented and fast-moving cosmetic markets, keeping pace with consumer trends and wishes is challenging. Traditional market analysis and product development processes are no longer fast and flexible enough. That’s why we have created D’lite, a single powerful digital platform for real-time trend tracking and product innovation. 

    D’lite is BASF’s new digital subscription service for the personal care industry, helping customers to identify the perfect cosmetic product offering. D'lite supports you and your team in the complete product development process: from consumer understanding, market understanding, concept creation, market strategy development, formulation development up to the launch of the product via this platform.

    Stop by our booth (#58058) to receive a free trial of D'lite.

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  • BASF further invests in its strategic partner B2B Cosmetics to scale-up its individualized personal care product technology

    Ludwigshafen, Germany, February 23, 2022 – After the initial investment by BASF in 2019, B2B Cosmetics and BASF have continued the development of the Emuage  technology, a system which delivers freshly-made, personalized cosmetics to the users. The Emuage technology allows users to create their own individualized personal care products by simply choosing capsules, placing them into the machine and receiving the final product – for example for hair, sun or skin care.

    Given very positive feedback from consumers and personal care formulators over the last two years, B2B Cosmetics and BASF realize the first market entry of this technology. Projects with partners and customers will come in the following months globally.

    To enable the production scale-up and support market entry, BASF continues its commitment through a second-round financing into B2B Cosmetics.

    “B2B Cosmetics has continued to impress in developing this technology for the personal care market. It confirms that our strategic relationship with B2B Cosmetics is essential in our ecosystem to help our customers answer consumer demand for customized beauty products. We are excited that customers are now bringing this technology to consumers and business is commencing,” said Robert Parker, Director, New Business Development, Care Chemicals, BASF.

    “This financing round through BASF secures our ability to quickly scale-up our Emuage technology and bring it to market. In addition to supporting BASF and their customers, we will also be opening the first Emuage stores by B2B Cosmetics in Switzerland, France and Middle East in the coming months,” said Gregoire Tutenuit, President and Co-Founder of B2B Cosmetics.

    About the Care Chemicals division at BASF
    The BASF division Care Chemicals offers a broad range of ingredients for personal care, home care, industrial & institutional cleaning, and technical applications. We are a leading global supplier for the cosmetics industry as well as the detergents and cleaners industry, and support our customers with innovative and sustainable products, solutions and concepts. The division’s high-performance product portfolio includes surfactants, emulsifiers, polymers, emollients, chelating agents, cosmetic active ingredients and UV filters. We have production and development sites in all regions and are expanding our presence in emerging markets. Further information is available online at www.carechemicals.

    About BASF
    At BASF, we create chemistry for a sustainable future. We combine economic success with environmental protection and social responsibility. More than 110,000 employees in the BASF Group contribute to the success of our customers in nearly all sectors and almost every country in the world. Our portfolio is organized into six segments: Chemicals, Materials, Industrial Solutions, Surface Technologies, Nutrition & Care and Agricultural Solutions. BASF generated sales of €59 billion in 2020. BASF shares are traded on the stock exchange in Frankfurt (BAS) and as American Depositary Receipts (BASFY) in the U.S. Further information at


  • ComfortBD™
    ComfortBD™ is a high-quality, natural CBD developed from industrial hemp grown in the United States on farms that follow organic practices....

  • With its many skincare benefits, CBD is becoming a top botanical ingredient for formulators

    If the term CBD reminds you of a basement full of lava lamps and records, you’re not alone – but the cannabis industry has come a long way since those days.

    Science shows cannabidiol (CBD) can have a comforting, calming and even mattifying effect on the skin, giving it plenty of applications in personal care. When cultivated, produced and tested responsibly, it can be an incredible asset for formulators looking to create products based on plants and botanical ingredients.

    In a world still recovering from the reverberations of a pandemic, it’s all the more important to offer customers soothing, stress-relieving products they can trust to yield results.

    Great skin is a whole vibe

    Projections of US markets predict that cannabis in beauty and personal care will continue to grow explosively over the next several years. It’s still on trend, and for good reason. Naturally, there are still some questions around the use of CBD in different industries.

    To answer the one on everyone’s mind: no, a CBD skincare product will not get you high – but it may improve the appearance of redness, irritation and oiliness in your skin.

    A comforting example

    ComfortBD™, an ingredient recently developed by BASF Care Creations, is a strong example of a CBD product grown and developed in accordance with all applicable U.S. laws. A full-spectrum CBD ingredient, ComfortBD contains minute amounts of THC – 0.2% or less.

    Extracted using a solvent-free subcritical CO2 method from industrial hemp grown in America using organic farming practices with high quality standards, each batch of ComfortBD is rigorously tested before it reaches our customers.

    Does it work?

    BASF has performed extensive testing to ensure that ComfortBD is not only safe and consistent, but is an effective cosmetic ingredient.

    After one week, clinical tests with ComfortBD showed significant improvement in the look of redness on the skin versus placebo. After four weeks, the look of shininess and oiliness was also significantly reduced.

    Flying high on great skincare

    As cannabis products in general gain more widespread acceptance, and as CBD edges closer to legalization in many parts of the world, skincare formulators can embrace the benefits of this multifaceted family of plants. To get started with your next calming CBD product, speak with a BASF representative today.

  • Adaptogens: Recipes to Reduce Stress
    Breathe in, breathe out — what are adaptogens all about?<br /><br />Adaptogenic plants help the body stave off stress. The good news is that they are also effective beyond food, health, and wellness. It just so happens they’re great for skin and hair too!...

  • Breathe in, breathe out — what are adaptogens all about?

    Adaptogenic plants help the body stave off stress. The good news is that they are also effective beyond food, health, and wellness. It just so happens they’re great for skin and hair too!

    Adaptogens crossed over from health and wellness circles to the realm of personal care. Their claim to fame: they help the body resist stress-induced damage and restore its regular functions.

    It’s not the first time the kitchen pantry has spilled over into the beauty cabinet — we’ve seen the same with greens, superfoods, vitamins and proteins. Consumers are always looking for the latest food-based ingredient and they are always hungry for more.

    Now, with the right technology, we can apply the benefits of popular adaptogens to skin and hair care.

    What is an adaptogen, exactly?

    Adaptogens improve the body’s ability to resist stress-induced damage and regulate its physiological functions. In the food and beverage industry, many adaptogen products claim to deliver a mental health boost to your morning beverage of choice — you may have seen them labelled on healthy teas, coffees, juices and supplements.

    They also do a body good. Adaptogenic herbs, roots and mushrooms were used for centuries in traditional medicinal practices, such as Chinese medicine and Ayurveda. They’re making a comeback today, with a rising number of product launches across food and beverages, wellness, and beauty, claiming to fight stress with adaptogenic ingredients.

    Schisandra berry: Five flavors of awesome

    Called “five-flavor berry” for its robust flavor profile, the Schisandra berry is used in traditional medicine as a remedy for colds and seasickness. Sqisandryl® was developed with an extract of Schisandra berry as a skin and hair care ingredient with adaptogenic qualities.

    Skin is commonly damaged by oxidative stress, mechanical forces (such as aging) and pollutants. Sqisandryl helps skin adapt to all three while promoting the bond between epidermis and dermis, helping to maintain homeostasis, and aiding in control of inflammation.

    A study of Sqisandryl showed a 20 percent improvement in skin elasticity, visible reduction of fine lines, and other benefits after a period of 28 days. It was also found to revitalize and control signs of aging in the hair.

    Galanga: Sugar, spice and everything nice

    You may recognize galanga from your favorite Thai curry, but it’s also used as a traditional remedy thought to have antibacterial, digestive and antispasmodic properties. In Japan, galanga incense is sometimes used to boost energy and overcome exhaustion and sadness.

    Studies have shown its effectiveness against oxidative stress, which brings us to Hyalufix®, an extract of the antioxidant-rich galanga leaves. Hyalufix helps to promote radiance in the skin and combats wrinkles brought on by stress.

    In a consumer study, Hyalufix users reported more radiant skin and smaller crow’s feet. It’s also a fair trade and sustainably sourced solution

    Moringa: Tree of life

    The moringa oleifera tree has plenty of favorable qualities, from the nutritional benefits of its pods to the medicinal uses of its leaves and flowers. Moringa was traditionally used to purify water. Its seed oil was a component in cosmetic, medicinal and religious ointments in ancient times.

    It’s so versatile that we actually made it into two products: Purisoft® for the skin and Puricare® for the hair. Purisoft helps protect skin from pollutants with an antiadhesion shield, helps to reduce oxidative stress and provides some detoxification for the skin to reveal a natural glow. Puricare aids in fighting off pollution-based stress from exhaust gas and UV while helping to strengthen the hair.

    Testing of Purisoft demonstrated its ability to assist in rebalance skin microflora and fight induced inflammation, while Puricare tests showed reduced dust adhesion and notable visible results.

    Chaga mushroom: An everyday pick-me-up

    The chaga mushroom is another age-old remedy — one that tastes surprisingly like coffee. Since the 12th century, Eastern Europe and nearby countries have brewed it into a tonic herbal tea for stomach, heart, brain and liver support. It’s known as a potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.

    Inolixir®, made from an extract of chaga, channels its adaptogenic qualities to improve skin barrier function and epidermal cohesion. In other words, it bolsters the skin’s defenses, upgrading its ability to resist the effects of stress.

    That makes it excellent for sensitive skin. Clinical results for Inolixir showed a visible reduction in redness as early as one week. Consumers saw brighter, more beautiful skin with fewer dark circles and wrinkles.

    Indian senna: Pure goodness

    Cassia angustifolia, or senna, is an ayurvedic herb rich in polysaccharides. Its traditional uses include purifying the blood, relieving constipation and alleviating skin diseases — the shrub has shown anti-inflammatory and antibacterial benefits for skin.

    That’s how we came up with Hyalurosooth®, which helps to provide dermal protection and hydration that minimizes the visual effects of stress in skin. It helps the skin recover some of the radiance it loses in times of stress.

    Hyalurosmooth does this by reducing the amount of cortisol in skin, which can shoot up to higher levels in times of stress and have an adverse effect on the skin. Testing with the product showed a boost in skin hydration and radiance.

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