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Light Tree Ventures (LTV) is a one-stop-shop company specialising in the Research, Development, and Manufacturing of LED Light Therapy devices for beauty, health & wellness. With 15 years of experience in Private Label & Contract Manufacturing, the company is MDSAP and ISO:13485 certified in producing research-backed and well-engineered products, making this technology accessible to businesses and consumers at competitive prices.

Our team of professionals are the heart of our company and encompasses a wide variety of cultures, skills, and competencies. We love our work and share the ambition to be the best at what we do: create meaningful, well-designed product markets worldwide. Light Tree Ventures is committed to making high-quality and innovative beauty products.

LTV works with brands from all over the world. We help our clients to develop a new product and bring their ideas from concept to market as well as white labelling/OEM in addition to their product offer or as a new brand for their customers. 

Brands: Light Tree Ventures is specialized in the Research, Development and Manufacturing of LED light therapy devices for beauty, wellness, and health. We provide private label, white-label, OEM services.

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  • The Hague, The Netherlands. As news of its many benefits and relatively low operational risk spreads, Light Therapy is gaining widespread popularity among the Beauty, Sports and Medical industry. Dutch company Light Tree Ventures (LTV) is specializing in the research, development, and manufacturing of Light Therapy devices to explore the technology’s full potential and bring powerful professional and at-home devices to market. After 15 years of experience in the industry, the company is now grown into the one-stop-shop for companies looking to incorporate this technology into their new product lines. The company will be showcasing its numerous services during Cosmoprof North America 2022, Las Vegas.

    Light Therapy is a procedure in which an individual is routinely exposed to an artificial light-emitting source to treat a specific disorder. Since its discovery in 1903, it’s applications have been continuously researched garnering praise from both the medical and scientific community. Also during NASA’s research with LED technology, scientists made an accidental discovery that had profound implications for human health. Skin began to heal faster because of exposure to light. As different wavelengths of light have different physiological effects on the body; its application is far-reaching, spanning across various different industries including beauty & cosmetics (acne, psoriasis, eczema, aging, plumping) sports & health (inflammation, pain relief, muscle recovery), Medical (Brain health, wound healing, eye recovery).

    Light Tree Ventures uses its extensive expertise to collaborate with global brands and incorporate this technology into effective solutions that is accessible from one’s own home or in a professional set up.

    Helping brands expand into LED tech: Given the vast opportunities light therapy provides, the technology can be applied to a number of solutions. Keeping this in mind,  Light Tree Ventures allows clients to take advantage of this rising demand for LED light devices through private labelling or white labelling services. This including all necessary certifications and registrations required for medical devices.   

    Light Tree Ventures at Cosmoprof North America 2022, Las Vegas: As the biggest producer of OEM low-level-laser and LED products, Light Tree Ventures is committed to making high-quality and innovative products. LTV is joining Cosmoprof North America 2022 to showcase light therapy's benefits and help other companies take full advantage of LED light's abilities to deliver noticeable improvements without side effects.

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  • Private & White Label (OEM) Beauty Devices
    We offer various types of customized beauty devices from face masks, handheld, professional devices, etc....

  • Light Tree Ventures is a one-stop-shop company specialized in the Research, Development, and Manufacturing of LED Light Therapy products and other technologies (galvanic, microcurrent, sonic, PEMF, etc) for the beauty, sports, and health sectors (one-stop-shop). As the demand for Light Therapy keeps increasing as the market value is forecasted to hit $1 billion by 2025, we help our clients to develop new products and bring their ideas from concept to market.

    We have been working with many big brands and companies such as Walgreens and Boots (USA), Dr. Dennis Gross (USA), SkinInc (Singapore), and many more. Our headquarters is in the Netherlands and our factories are based in China and India. In other words, we combine great quality with competitive prices. We can help you to develop a new light therapy device as well as white labelling in addition to your product offer or as a new brand for your customers. We also provide regulatory services to help our clients get their products registered at FDA, MDR, UKCA, and many more.

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