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Meet Lili & Margo!
Lili is the return to the roots, to nature and plants. Margo is the know-how, expertise and heritage.
One is passionate about natural skincare, eco-responsibility and the other, is a seasoned professional, who possesses real expertise in the beauty industry.
They share, connect, and inspire each other to shape the women of the 21st century. 
Whether natural, expert or refined, there is a Lili Margo in every woman.
Discover our products and come meet us at our booth!

Brands: LILI MARGO Paris

 Show Specials

  • Try your luck and all in on Lili Margo!

    For this edition of Cosmoprof NA, Lili Margo's team will be equipped with scratch cards to win various prizes.
    Join us at booth #26081 to play. 

     After all, we are in Vegas!

 Press Releases

  • This year Lili Margo is launching in America!
    After 4 years of activity, the brand and its founding team are excited to present their ultra-effective yet clean skincare products.
    During this event, a patented technology Floractiv20+, as well as 11 other eco-designed ranges, will be showcased to the public.

    Revolutionize your client’s skincare routines with the French floral know-how!

    Through Story-Telling

    Lili Margo is natural thanks to Lili, a young woman who is fully aware of the world evolution and the importance of eco-designed goods. But it is also expert through Margo’s experience a chic, sophisticated and strong woman who prioritizes effectiveness.

    Through Unique Know-how
    Thanks to a great R&D team, the brand has done extensive years of research to be able to offer the best skincare products for optimal immediate and long-lasting results.
    At the head of the research team, our famous formulator Christian Dampeirou has more that 35 years of experience in this field. He knows how to locally source and extract the most out of each ingredient for a more powerful formula every time.

    Through Consumer Protection
    Lili Margo has a created a black list of more than 100 banned controversial ingredients that will never be present in their products. Through high naturality and ethical sourcing, the brand has been able to develop products adapted to all skin types, even the most sensitive skins for a protected and reassured customers.

    Through Customer Relation
    Lili Margo’s customer service and marketing team work hand-in-hand to better understand the needs of each customer type. They listen to feedback and report interesting ideas to improve our offer and suggest new products or ingredients to the public. Being part of the Lili Margo Brand Ambassador community has its perks, as members test, suggest and inspire us to always aim higher.


  • Anti-aging Flower Capsule Serum
    This anti-aging serum provides all the elements needed to obtain a smoother and more vibrant-looking skin. It is enriched with FLORACTIV20+, with pearls combining hyaluronic acid and gardenia flower to reduce the signs of aging and maintain hydration....

  • This serum is part of the Lili Margo patented molecule range called Floractiv20+.

    Its patented complex of 20 exceptional & complementary flowers guarantees the longevity of the skin through a unique innovative treatment and acts on 15 factors of skin aging.

    It is a concentrate of true technology present at the heart of the formula to ensure immediate and lasting results for radiant youthful skin.
    These treatments act with the greatest respect for nature and the skin to offer women eternal youth.

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