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We believe that whatever touches the skin must be clean, and with that, the 'ingredient' is the most priority to think about. It's so important to know what is applied to your skin and the ingredients and where they're from. Though it may be obvious, as a skincare brand, we want to find the best ingredient that is suitable for everyone. An ingredient that is mild and gentle, so that everyone can approach skincare with ease.

We have 4 main Centella lines focused on different skincare concerns:
- Madagascar Centella line - soothing effect
- Tone Brightening Line
- Hyalu-cica Line - Hydration
- Poremizing 

Our products don't contain artificial coloring or preservatives.


Brands: SKIN1004 is a Korean skincare brand that provides high-quality skincare items made of plant-based ingredients from the untouched nature of Madagascar.

 Press Releases

  • SKIN1004 is a Centella-based Korean skincare brand that values quality and natural ingredients.

    Instead of just a simple invite, we want to ask you to come to spend a good time with us. We've prepared a full-course entertainment program so that you can experience all that the brand has to offer while creating many beautiful memories!


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    Dying to meet a K-Beauty influencer? We've invited a couple of guests to attend our booth. Stop by and say hello, get a signature, or ask questions!

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