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Sequential Skin is revolutionizing skin health with the world's first consumer skin microbiome test, now followed by the first of its kind Biome Mask. The company is the result of the founders’ passion for molecular genetics which has allowed them to develop methods of testing the skin to give individuals clarity about what lies on their skin. Pushing their ideas further, the company has developed a sheet mask that is infused with prebiotics and postbiotics to feed good bacteria on the skin to give it a healthier appearance. 

Supported by Enterprise SG, A*STAR, Genome Institute of Singapore, IndieBio New York, SOSV, EFL (NYU Stern business program), and a resident company of Johnson & Johnson Innovation – JLABS.

Brands: Sequential Skin is a team of award-winning scientists with a mission to empower individuals to make informed decisions about their skin with their skin testing kit and newly launched Biome Mask.

 Press Releases

  • Sequential Skin, a biotech company that specializes in testing and extracting information from the skin microbiome, has announced plans to launch its first-ever consumer skin microbiome testing kit and mobile Skin Health Tracker along with the Biome Mask™ at this year's Cosmoprof Las Vegas. 

    The company began its impressive journey by testing skincare products in vivo through the use of an innovative patch test that can extract microbial material, allowing the team’s scientists to analyze it. The process allowed for cosmetic companies to be able to understand the effect that their products had on real people and whether or not they benefit the skin’s microbiome, an ecosystem of bacteria that sits on the surface of the skin. 

    Taking things a step further, Sequential Skin is revolutionizing skin health with the world’s first consumer skin microbiome test and skin tracking mobile application. The Skin Microbiome Kit allows everyday skincare users to measure the health of their skin through an easy-to-use patch test that breaks down their Skin Profile by the bacteria that sits on their skin. 

    Within 2-3 weeks of testing, consumers can access their Skin Profile on the Skin Health Tracker mobile application which will shed light on the bacteria that populate their skin and help them understand the importance of balancing them to achieve the best results. The Skin Profile also takes into consideration a consumer's own understanding of their skin health with a section dedicated specifically to address their concerns and the possible solutions to them. 

    Consumers will now be able to take a more tailored approach to their routines by first understanding their own skin and then making informed decisions about how to take their skincare to the next level. 

    To make matters even more accessible, Sequential Skin has developed a sheet mask dubbed the Biome Mask™  that is infused with prebiotics and postbiotics to feed good bacteria on the skin to give it a healthier appearance. With five different formulations to target varying skin concerns, the Biome Mask™ is the best supplement to a consumer's skincare routine. 

    Sequential Skin is ready to enter the market with their Skin Microbiome Kit and Biome Mask™ which is ready for distribution through distributors. If you’re a distributor, clinic, or retailer, please get in touch if you want to be part of their exciting journey!  

    About Sequential Skin

    Sequential Skin is a team of award-winning scientists based out of New York City and Singapore, with a mission to empower individuals and companies to prioritize their health, starting with the microbiome. Sequential products are a result of the team’s combined 30 year+ of expertise in genetics, epigenetics, and microbiome research.

    Media Contacts:

    Find us at the Cosmoprof  (Las Vegas) booth: #26049


  • Biome Mask
    Our Biome Mask collection is designed and in vivo tested to help strengthen your outer skin barrier and balance your skin microbiome, increasing the overall health of your skin through prebiotics and postbiotics....

  • Made of semi-gel Tencel, which is 100% biodegradable, the collection includes 5 different masks infused with serum that targets specific skin needs.

    Biome Mask collection is the first in its kind, it contains key prebiotics and postbiotics and has been extensively tested on the skin for its in vivo effect in maintaining a healthy microbiome.

    The semi-gel Tencel material is entirely unique, giving a translucent feeling when placed on the skin. It is also 100% eco-friendly and has remarkable moisture retention to provide better absorption and longer active exposure for an optimum transfer onto the skin, boosting the skincare results.

    Sequential Skin do not use any of the following ingredients in our formulations: irritants, fragrances, essential oils, sulfates, formaldehyde releasers, nanoparticles, ethanolamines, and alcohol.

    Biome Mask is the new generation skincare supplement that target specific skin needs while repairing the skin barrier, restoring it to its healthiest state.

    Biome Mask advanced formula and technology are based on the company’s very own microbiome data collected from thousands of samples from the multiple clinical studies Sequential Skin performed on chronic skin conditions as well as in the healthy population. 

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