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Born in 1952, Lisap Laboratori Cosmetici SpA is the longest-lived Italian company in the Hair Beauty sector with 70 years of experience in the field.

Our approach to the markets is supportive either in the technical side and in the commercial one towards our network of importer/distributor in more than 100 countries around the world.

We fully produce all our formulas and products, with particular attention to hair colour, in fact together with our classic best seller ammonia colour with more 100 shades each (LK COLOR – ESCALATION NOW), we produce also very innovative formulations based on fruit acids and no ammonia concept.

Also we have a full range of styling products that is a mix of styling and treatment with a very sleek and classy Italian image together with innovative formulas (without SLES and PARABEN).

F&P Milano is the Private Label Division of Lisap S.p.A that offers our Customers a full service, assisting them in the creation of their own line, following them step by step during all phases of the process, from designing the packaging graphics right up to the final production.

 Press Releases

  • Lisap is projected into the future and ready for new challenges. Although the company entered its 70th year of business on 29th April, the Locatelli family, the sole shareholder, is strongly committed to an operation relaunching the brand and to the creation of an industrial group that by specialization and dimensions is already one of the main production hubs in Italy in the sector of cosmetics for the hair. ‘My father left me a dream that is renewed each time I talk about Lisap,” begins Renato Locatelli, ‘to take this company as far and as high as possible.’ Renato, now Honorary Chairman of the Group, was the driving force of the company until 2019, the heart and soul of a business that without compromises truly represents Italian quality production. The Lisap DNA is still based on the same principles of quality, innovation and correctness that contributed to making Lisap the oldest company in the sector and since 2019 Fabrizio, Stefano and Alessandro have been capable of picking up the baton from Renato and continuing the same dream with conviction. ‘To face the future, we have decided first of all to question ourselves and start off again from a new business model,’ says Fabrizio Locatelli, President of the Group since 2019, ‘creating HQ holding which will lead the expansion of our activities and take us through a complexity of business and a more structured growth in the coming years.’ The three brothers, as well as being shareholders, play an active role in the company and deal with key aspects for the development of the group now under HQ Holding. ‘Having the good luck to experience the company dynamics that have always helped us understand how important it is to invest constantly in the company,’ comments, ‘we will continue to do so in the years to come as well.’ 

    HQ holding today includes the subsidiaries, obviously Lisap Spa (www.lisapitalia.com), Diapason Srl (www.diapasoncosmetics.com), Parisienne Italia Spa (www.parisienneitalia.com) and Schulze GmbH (www.friseurbedarf-schulze.de), as well as commercial branches in Australia, Malaysia, Spain and North America and in the future is definitely setting its sights on an expansion outside the national borders. ‘To be able to sell our colours, our shampoos and our conditioners in over 100 countries fills us with satisfaction,’ says Alessandro Locatelli, in charge of the foreign division, ‘and seeing our companies around the world compete with the beauty multinationals fuels our desire to grow and do better and better, always keeping a child’s enthusiasm but with the experience of our first seventy years,’ and then he adds, ‘thanks to the commitment and the dedication of all our staff, our group is projected towards the future and is ready for new challenges.’


    A light, ultra-fast treatment, suitable for all hair types and<br />textures. <br />The Vegetal Protein Complex contained in it preserves the<br />integrity of the hair’s lamellar structures....

  • What is it?

    A light, ultra-fast treatment, suitable for all hair types and textures. 

    It gives intense shine and repairs all hair types in just 9 seconds, without weighing it down. The Vegetal Protein Complex contained in it preserves the integrity of the hair’s lamellar structures. 

    What does it do?

    ▶ detangling and smoothing effect on the structure

    ▶ ideal for all hair types

    ▶ makes hair soft and shiny

    ▶ makes styling easier and speeds up drying time

    ▶ repairs damage caused by heat and aggressive chemical treatments

    ▶ protects against mechanical stress caused by combs and brushes

    ▶ instant effect


    Its instant action detangles, smooths and makes all types of natural, colored or chemically treated hair visibly healthier and shinier, restoring beauty to the tips and eliminating frizz. 


    This lamellar conditioner is an ultra-light liquid treatment; its technology exploits the power of lamellae, particles able to penetrate the hair cuticle and repair damaged areas on each lock more easily than traditional hair creams and masks. By working in thin layers, the formula deposits small active ingredients such as moisturizers, amino acids (for strength and shine) and conditioning agents into the damaged areas of each lock of hair, and immediately penetrates the hair shaft for an enhanced nourishing effect. In brief, the water on the surface of the hair activates the smoothing power of lamellar technology. The conditioning agents are organized into a fine lamellar structure that covers the fiber, smoothing out any irregularities in seconds. The hair becomes shiny, smooth and perfectly manageable during styling, ensuring impeccable lightness. 


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