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P&M Promixer is a professional machinery company specialized in producing machinery, which involves cosmetics, pharmacy, food, chemical, and other industries. We have reached strategic cooperation with market partners in Europe to provide the advanced European technology and after-sales system.

Our products include vacuum emulsifier series, liquid washing mixer series, reverse osmosis water treatment series, filling machines, and perfume freezing machines equipment. P&M Promixer is a competent development and engineering partner, we have got a high reputation from domestic and foreign clients as satisfied quality and service, set up long-term business relationships, and become a good business partner.
Every year, P&M Promixer attends about 15 international exhibitions to show professional services to customers, such as Italy Bologna Cosmoprof, In-Cosmetics, Dubai Beauty World Middle East, Hongkong Cosmoprof.
P&M Promixer looking forward to working with you and growing up together.

Brands: P&M Promixer is a professional machinery company specialized in producing machines, which involves in cosmetics, pharmacy, food, chemical and other industries.

 Show Specials

  • Dear all customers,

    Welcome to visit our booth (No: 55007) on July 12-14.

    There will be a laboratory vacuum mixer, semi-automatic cream filling machine, liquid filling machine, capping machine, and automatic round bottle labeling machine displayed on the show, all equipment or new project is at a special price for our on-site buyer, don't hesitate to contact us for more information, or leave your business card.

    Looking forward to our cooperation.


    P&M Promixer

 Press Releases

  • During the period from April 28 to May 1, 2022, Mr. David, CEO of P&M Promixer, and Mr. Angel, Partner in Europe, participated in the 53rd Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna and achieved fruitful results.

    At the exhibition, we received consultants from more than 40 countries' buyers and visitors and shared our new vacuum emulsifier with them, The 10L, and 50L Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer are for laboratory, suitable for R&D, and the 150L capacity is for production. This batch of equipment with beautiful appearance and is easy to operate. It is mainly designed according to the usage habits and safety standards in Europe and the United States and is very popular among on-site buyers and visitors. During the period, we obtained business cards of many buyers and conducted in-depth visits, communication, and scheme design after the exhibition.

    Through this exhibition, P&M Promixer has gained a lot. In terms of cooperation, it not only strengthened the good cooperative relationship with the regular customers but also reached cooperation intentions with many new customers. From a technical point of view, we learned about the innovation in the cosmetic equipment industry, opened up an international perspective, and brought new opportunities for the future development of P&M Promixer.


  • 10L Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer
    10L vacuum emulsifying mixer is laboratory type, compact, and small working volume, suitable for R&D. It is combined with vacuum, heating, cooling, top mixing, bottom homogenizing, hydraulic lifting, pot tilting, and positive pressure discharge functions....

  • Vacuum emulsifier means that when the materials are under the vacuum condition, it makes use of the high shear emulsifier to distribute one or several phases to another continuous phase rapidly and evenly. The materials will be processed in the narrow space between stator and rotor by strong energy of motion produced by the mechanical effect. By the operation of hydraulic shearing, centrifugal extruding, impacting, breaking and turbulence for over 100 thousand times per minute, the materials will be dispersed and emulsified instantly and evenly. After reciprocating circulation at high frequency, the fine finished products of stable and high quality without bubbles will be achieved.
    It is mainly composed of a water pot, oil pot, emulsifying pot, vacuum system, lifting system (optional), electric control system (PLC is optional), operation platform, etc.
    ◆More types: plane layout can be customized by personal requirement according to the factories of customers,  can supply the single-cylinder/double cylinder lifting/vertical, and also can supply the small type of emulsifying machine for the labs;
    ◆More functions: support the manual operation, PLC human-computer interface operation, the highest vacuum degree can be reached to -0.095MPA;
    ◆More supporting: Can be selected the CIP/SIP system and error prevention system, which can completely make sure the security of the products;
    ◆More options: The homogeneity can be divided into upper and under homogeneity and external circulation structure, the stir can be divided into one-way and two-way screwing stir;
    ◆More requirements: configuration requirements can be divided into the standard configuration and imported configuration, such as the frequency converter, motor, electric appliance, and so on.

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