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Utsukusy Cosmetics is a professional cosmetics brand with products exclusively designed for Spa treatments, Beauty Institutes and Medical Aesthetic Centres. Founded in 1979 and with more than 40 years of experience in the sector.

Utsukusy Cosmetics is looking for distributors worldwide in order to reach more professionals and bring the benefits of our treatments to a greater number of end customers.

We are a very well known and well valued brand by professionals in Spain but in the last 10 years the brand has expanded its presence in more than 15 countries in Europe and Asia and now we want to have a presence in the American market.

We have the firm conviction that those companies dedicated to distribution that decide to introduce our products in their country or state will be betting on a safe brand with wide benefits for both the professional and the end customer.

At present more than 150.000 beauty salons all over the world trust in our products, don't miss it.

Come and visit us in booth 25039 and enjoy the Utsukusy Experience.

Brands: Utsukusy Cosmetics is a professional cosmetics manufacturer founded in 1979 in Barcelona. Within our range of products we combine anti-ageing medical aesthetic facial & body treatments

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    BOOTH 25039

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  • Utsukusy Cosmetics is a professional cosmetics company that has been in business since 1979.

    Our products can be found in more than 150 000 beauty salons, medical-aesthetic centres and spas all over the world.

    In the last few years, our products have been marketed in more than 15 countries and the Utsukusy sales network is expanding to more and more countries that recognise the quality and benefits of our treatments.

    If you want to be part of our commercial network don't miss our stand: 25039 at Cosmoprof Las Vegas. Come and try one of our treatments.

    We are waiting for you between the 12th and 14th of July in Las Vegas and throughout the year on our networks @utsukusycosmetics, on our website: www.utsukusycosmetics.com or contact us directly at the email: info@utsukusycosmetics.com 

    Are you going to miss it? 

    See you soon!

    Utsukusy Team


    ENPITSU is a skin pen with head of sterilised, interchangeable titanium needles. Easy to use, hygienic and economical that offers global rejuvenation effects....

  • Enpitsu is a tool that allows, through microperforations, the penetration of the active ingredients of the associated treatments into the dermis, where they have maximum efficacy.

    Definitive ANTI-AGEING solutions specific for each skin problem that causes ageing. Maximum efficacy and respect for the skin, with amazing outcomes.
    Recent investigations have developed new formulas made solely of natural elements. Thanks to a sophisticated molecular engineering work, these products react as “a large molecule”.

    We offer a range from more than 15 serums 5.0 designed for Micorneedling treatment, virtual mesotherapy and radiofrequency.
    Necklift is a Double Chin and neck treatment that has visible accumulated outcomes from the first session.
    • Corrects wrinkles and lines of the neck caused by bad positions.
    • Tightens and firms the entire neck, décolleté and chin area.
    • Correct double chin.
    Firming and remodelling treatment to recover definition and the most and visibly smooth and even skin.
    The treatment creates a “second skin” mesh, with lifting and smoothing effect to help remodelling the neck, décolleté and chin area and return them the ideal tightening. It is a long-term alternative to tightening threads.
    The skin looks firmed, smoothed, even and radiant.

    BIOLOGIC 5.0 . 

    Concentrate for intensive non-invasive treatment of the neck, décolleté and double chin.
    Key active ingredients:
     is a mixture of combined biotechnological polysaccharides with immediate tightening effect and firming and anti-pollution effect in the long term. It interacts with several types of known ingredients as matrix co-activators, such as salts, glycols and diols, as well as derivatives. It can produce molecular rearrangement of oligosaccharides and polysaccharides to form polymer structures with optimised rheological properties.

    ALGISIUM Organic silicon derivative combined with mannuronic acid that is extracted from laminaria seaweed. It acts restructuring the skin, stabilising and optimising metabolic activity, allows that organic silicon is readily absorbed in the three-layer structure of the skin and makes up for natural losses.
    SYN HYCAN is a tripeptide that helps combat flaccidity by increasing hyaluronan content in the skin. This tripeptide also increases the expression of decorin and lumican, two important proteoglycans that enhance the formation of new collagen fibres, increasing their quality and resistance, with a remodelling effect.

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