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Redmint melds the ancient wisdom of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) with modern innovations to empower holistic health rituals that form the ultimate selfcare routines. Our services and products transform how you look on the outside and feel on the inside.

Building the crucial connection between skin and internal health, Redmint's exceptional range of skincare collections are infused with potent botanicals documented in ancient TCM herb booksThese extraordinary herbs are Yin nourishing, Qi uplifting and Yang regenerating; powering topical superfood that help renew skin’s microbiome, revive elasticity, replenish moisture levels and restore a natural, lasting glow.

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  • Redmint Will Transform the Wellness and Holistic Medical Industry Through the Practice,

    Education and Promotion of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine)

    San Francisco, CA - Redmint, a dynamic, new holistic health and wellness brand inspired by TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and time-honored Eastern beauty rituals, announced the launch of its skincare line + herbal extracts.  Founded by Bay Area-based TCM practitioner and entrepreneur, Helina Fan, Redmint’s innovative skincare is curated and blended from the purest herbs and botanicals of unmatched quality, multi-correctional performance and universal efficacy.

    “Our products come at a time when people are craving a skincare routine that maintains some semblance of control,” said Helina Fan, Redmint founder. “All of the fear, stress and anxiety that we have been experiencing greatly affects our skin, our nervous system and certain hormones.  By creating a line of skincare + herbal extracts rooted in the TCM tradition, Redmint will inspire people to take charge of their internal health with holistic self-care rituals and a daily routine for natural, true beauty.”

    With products that help maintain a vital state of balance through preventative care, the debut of Redmint skincare + herbal extracts represents the culmination of years of research and development by Fan, who is an incoming Doctor of TCM after re-discovering the myriad benefits of TCM to regain her vitality after illness caused by stress and exhaustion. 

    The uniquely active formulations with Redmint’s proprietary collections deliver the very best of traditional herbology, beautifying nutrients and balancing properties to every complexion.  These ancient powerhouse ingredients are filled with antioxidants, vitamins and fatty acids, leaving skin hydrated, nourished and revived to amplify radiance at any age.  Redmint’s skincare collections include: the 5 Elements Ageless skincare collection inspired by the five elements theories of TCM for optimal skin youth that incorporates a high concentration of herbs such as ginseng, angelica sincensis, astragalus root, licorice root, goji berry and white peony; the Pearl Illuminance collection that features pearl powder and goji berry extract which is blended with rice water for brightening and illuminating; and an anti-inflammatory CBD collection (Huo Ma Ren) to prevent aging, clear skin impurities and brightens complexion.  The herbal extract line, which is centered on skin glow, detox, sleep, Qi/energy and gut microbiome, extracts a variety of herbal and plant remedies that work to rebalance different areas of the body.

    “Inner health transcends to outer beauty and our distinctive products -- hand-blended with love and care in small batches --are a marriage between modern innovations and ancient wisdom,” said Fan.

    The name “Redmint” is rooted in meaning.  Red connotes fire, speed, passion and drive.  Mint is refreshing and cooling: a soothing pause. The name Redmint – the merging of these two distinct, yet complementary forces – evokes the spirit of Yin and Yang, the ancient Chinese principle that all things exist as inseparable elements that form a balanced, interconnected, harmonious and dynamic whole.

    Redmint’s packaging was thoughtfully designed with meaning and purpose that is “story-telling” in nature.  The 5 Elements Ageless and Pearl Illuminance skincare packaging design were inspired by the lifestyle painting – Qing Ming Festival from the Song Dynasty.  This famous painting is known as the “Mona Lisa of China” which celebrates the beauty of life in health and prosperity.  The CBD (Huo Ma Ren) packaging design uses oracle scripts which were discovered as the first handwriting of mankind creation, to symbolize CBD (Huo Ma Ren) which was one of the first herbs recorded in TCM formulas.  The herbal extract line design is inspired by the herbal formula theory that each herb has its respective roles (s) while the combination of herbs maximize efficacy and is stronger than any herb on its own.  All products are within Miron glass bottles and jars, a scientific glass innovation that extends the product shelf life for at least an additional two years.

    “Redmint was born out of a quest for solutions. It was created to share and educate people about the transformative effects of TCM, rooted in the notion that the key to health is a balanced approach to body, mind and spirit,” said Fan.

    Redmint’s urban wellness sanctuary, which features a full menu of TCM treatments and products, has 2 locations in San Francisco.  Redmint’s signature products are now available at

    About Redmint

    Redmint is in the business of changing lives: to help people be their best selves, physically and emotionally, through the holistic practices of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). Redmint’s daily rituals involve innovative herbal + botanical skincare, holistic wellness treatments, bespoke herbal bar and wellness products – all rooted in TCM and optimized for modern living.  Redmint skincare collections blend together ancient wisdom, nature’s power, modern science and a holistic approach to skin health – topically and internally.

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