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SIIA Cosmetics is the first and only truly-inclusive Korean beauty brand.  

Developed to streamline and simplify the powerful but oftentimes inaccessible world of Korean beauty, SIIA is designed to give more than expected.  Every product is infused with the best of Korean skin care and many items are multi-use, offering a streamlined collection that allows you to create a beautiful, polished and easy look while feeling confident about ingredients, quality, and price.  The collection has all the basics, with a full line of complexion-focused products (foundations, contour and highlight sticks, and concealers), a gorgeous and innovative collection of lip products for everyone, impactful eye products (eyebrow pencil, eyeliner, and mascara), and a few key skin focused products (primers, setting spray, creamy face wash, and makeup removers).  

SIIA Cosmetics is dedicated to bringing the best in Korean beauty to the greatest number of people possible, because we believe everyone deserves beauty, regardless of skin tone, geography, or budget - so everyone can experience the benefits and innovation of Korean beauty! 

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    SIIA Cosmetics is the first and only truly inclusive Korean beauty brand.  Developed to streamline and simplify the powerful but oftentimes confusing and inaccessible world of Korean beauty, each product is 100% formulated and made in Korea, and designed to give more than expected.  From multi-use products to skincare infused complexion products, SIIA Cosmetics has been developed so people can create a beautiful, polished and easy look while feeling confident about ingredients, quality, and price.  Inclusivity means exactly that – everyone is included in SIIA Cosmetics, regardless of your skin tone, geography, or budget – so everyone can experience the benefits of prestige K-beauty!


    SIIA Cosmetics covers the basics, so you can get everything you need in one streamlined collection.  SIIA provides a line of truly inclusive color cosmetics that are the foundations of your look, from a fresh faced no makeup look to a super glam vibe, and has the perfect skin-focused products like primers, a creamy facewash, and others. 


    The SIIA experience is unlike anything else. With the dual power of luxury cosmetics and Korean skincare, wearing SIIA products is not unlike wearing high-performance makeup and a nourishing paper mask—at the same time. Partnering with some of the world’s top cosmetics factories, SIIA first formulates each product with the luxury standard for function and ingredient quality. Then, the brand thoughtfully adds skincare ingredients like tiger grass extract, jojoba seed oil, and tea tree leaf extract to help nourish, protect, and enhance the skin. The marriage of high-quality cosmetics ingredients with those used in traditional Korean skincare results is a rich, lasting product that improves skin’s health and vibrancy with every wear.



    The prestige cosmetics brand isn’t just streamlining Korean beauty—it’s on a mission to democratize luxury beauty. Founded in 2019, SIIA was born from the belief that prestige cosmetics shouldn’t be out of reach. Defined as a standard of quality and production value, luxury is too often conflated with the notion of exclusivity, resulting in an ever-widening gap between those who have access to luxury products and those who don’t. Fed up with the status quo, SIIA was created to bridge this gap. By creating high-performance cosmetics infused with powerful Korean skincare at an attainable price point and distributing to communities that are normally left behind by prestige beauty, SIIA is making luxurious, nourishing makeup products for all.



    Rather than attempting to define standards of beauty, “SIIA is reflecting on personal beauty,” says Brand Ambassador James Kaliardos. The world-renowned makeup artist and co-founder of Visionaire goes on to explain how SIIA is inspired by its customers and “what they think their beauty should be.” SIIA’s commitment to highlighting personal beauty is on full display in the brand’s first campaign: What’s Your Beauty? In collaboration with Visionaire co-founder Cecilia Dean and San Francisco-based architecture student Kadia, the campaign explores and celebrates the concept of personal beauty. Cecilia and Kadia discuss their experience, daily inspiration, and thoughts on personal beauty. Sparked by these stories, SIIA hopes everyone will continue to answer the question: what’s your beauty?  


    SIIA’s simple, luxurious line offers quality cosmetics designed to enhance the wearer’s natural beauty, one product at a time. For more information about the brand and the new collection, as well as the What’s Your Beauty? campaign, visit their website at


  • Luminous Longwear Liquid Foundation
    Medium-coverage liquid foundation in a radiant finish, infused with top Korean skincare ingredients, offering an inclusive shade range...

  • Our liquid foundation gives a light and seamless coverage that helps hydrate while it plumps the look of your skin, minimizing the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles. This silky formula delivers a natural, ultra-comfortable, radiant finish with light buildable coverage.

    • Long-Lasting Effect- Smooth application and long-lasting formula which maintains its look throughout the day
    • Luminous Matte Finish- Soft and illuminating finish for healthy-looking skin
    • Variety of Color Choices- 12 different shades for cool and warm undertones to match any and all skin tones

    Key Korean skincare ingredients:

    • Hyaluronic Extract- Strengthens skin by promoting collagen production while moisturizing skin and preventing wrinkles.
    • Cica Extract- Calms irritation, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial.
    • Honey Extract- Moisturized and softens skin
    • Purslane Extract Moisturizes and calms sensitive skin.

    Siia bring the best in Korean skincare ingredients and technologies to luxury cosmetics. We have partnered with the world's top cosmetic factories by adding our favorite skin enhanding and protecting ingredients to their high-quality formulas, making every product not just amazing to wear, but beneficial to your skin's health and appearance. 

    Siia Cosmetics are free from harmful parabens, benzyl alcohol, mineral oil, BHT, isopropylmethylphenol and sorbic acid. 


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