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This awarded line of clinically tested bath accessories gives the ultimate bath & body experience. What makes Daily Concepts so unique is our Label Indicator, which fades when it’s time to replace your bath accessory. This well-designed line also has a natural organic cotton layer with nylon exfoliating loops for ideal texture and a built-in antimicrobial that helps control the growth of bacteria. 

Brands: Daily Concepts {Individuals who think and sing in the shower} Afterspa take home your spa experience!

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  • "You haven't really showered until you've experienced a Daily Concepts shower," says Emilio Smeke, founder of Daily Concepts. Daily Concepts was created by shower lovers for individuals who like to think and sing in the shower. The brand began with a core collection of innovative bath and shower tools designed to enliven and invigorate the skin so you could focus on your shower thinking and singing. To enhance the experience, we made it easy to want to add products to your shower routine with product labels that fade when it's time to replace your scrubber. The core Shower Line also comes in reusable packaging for the functional ability to hang, dry and store your scrubbers in the shower. Each of our shower products bring their own texture, size, shape, and benefit meant for your entire body.

    At Daily Concepts, we care for your skin, both in and out of the shower, whether it's wet or dry. We expanded our line to a full suite of bathroom essentials for daily morning and night-time routines. Our gemstone facial tools help to depuff, detox and increase lymphatic drainage and we have power-­performing, dry brushing products for the body and face. Our new Leaves of Life Collection is a set of nature-inspired, leaf-shaped silicone scrubbers uniquely designed for a sensual feeling for your face, body and feet. They look gorgeous hanging in your shower too. This Daily Leaves of Life Silicone Scrubber Set is green in every way; a percentage of sales from the set is donated to OneTreePlanted, an organization committed to global reforestation. Our passions extend beyond showers and the skin. We care deeply about our planet and those who call it home. We shower the world with love by taking care of those without a home by providing them with much needed showers and hygiene essentials in concert with our partner, LavaMaex. Emilio Smeke reminds us that ''while we can't always control our day, we can impact what happens in our daily shower." Daily Concepts ensures that each time you step into the bathroom, you can create a relaxing and revitalizing experience, a place to think and sing.

    Daily Concepts has another brand that is part of its larger family – Esponjabon. We call it the Original Shower Hack. Esponjabon pairs a convenient sponge with active soap formulas for a 2-in-1 duo that is more than a soap and more than a sponge. Esponjabon was a viral sensation on TikTok in 2021 and our goal is to fuel the excitement to sales.

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    The Scrubber Set includes 3 leaf-shaped silicone scrubbers: FACE BODY FEET...

  • The Daily Leaves of Life Silicone Scrubber Collection was inspired by the meditative qualities of the forest and designed to enhance and transform your shower experience.

    The Scrubber Set includes 3 leaf-shaped silicone scrubbers: FACE, BODY, FEET

    Each scrubber is uniquely-sized to cleanse your face, body and feet. Bamboo-shaped holder included suctions to your shower wall or door to hang, dry and store each scrubber. The holder keeps your Leaves of Life set artfully-organized and looking beautiful in your shower.

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