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KUPA Incorporated is the exclusive distributor of the UP-200 Electric Nail File machine. Manufacturer of the MANIPro series of Electric Nail Files, MANIPro Passport, MANIPro Original, MANIPro KP-5000 E-file Machines and newly introduced in 2019 the MANIPro Passport PLUS with Bluetooth technology.  Manufacturer of KUPA Precision MANIPro Carbide Bits, Easy-Off Sanding Band Mandrel, GelFinity soak-off gel top coats & basecoat, GelFinity EnrichRx Builder Gel, MANIPro GLO Multi-LED Lamp, Divinity Acrylic Nail System, and DipFinity adhesive UV/LED Dipping System!  Salon equipment for professional Nail Technicians.  Introducing our latest Ultra Clear Gelfinity Soft Gel Tips + Adhesive. 

Brands: Urawa, MANIPro Passport, MANIPro Passport Plus, MANIPro Carbide, GelFinity, Divinity Acrylic, ArtFinity 3D, MANIPRo Techtools, MANIPro GLO Multi-LED Lamp, DipFinity, MANIPro Original, EnrichRx

 Press Releases

  • KUPA Introduces EnrichRx Soft Gel Tips

    [Anaheim, Calif.]— KUPA will be expanding its EnrichRx offerings to include a line of soft gel tips. EnrichRx Soft Gel Tips apply easily and quickly, saving nail pros valuable time while giving clients the nails they want.

    KUPA EnrichRx Soft Gel Tips come in four on-trend shapes: coffin, round, square, and almondletto. Each box of tips comes in two lengths (medium and long) in 12 sizes, for a 550-count total. Each tip is pre-roughed, saving nail pros extra time in the application process. The pre-roughed design is patented in the mold process and unique to KUPA’s soft gel tips. 

    To apply KUPA EnrichRx Soft Gel Tips, find the right size tips for your client’s nails. Use EnrichRx Soft Gel Tip Adhesive to adhere the tip to the natural nail. Flash cure in the KUPA MANIPro Glo Lamp. Cure all five nails for 60 seconds to complete your set. 

    Spend less time building out and shaping nails and more time designing. Give clients durable, gel nails in mere minutes with KUPA EnrichRx Soft Gel Tips. 

    KUPA EnrichRx Soft Gel Tips are available June 6 for $29.95 at www.kupainc.com.


  • EnrichRx Vitamin E & Collagen Infused Builder Gel
    KUPA EnrichRx is a UV/LED-cured soak-off gel that brushes on to build structure for natural nails at any length. Infused with Vitamin E and Collagen, EnrichRx is the prescription for beautiful nails, inside and out. Work - Play - Everyday #EnrichRx...

  • KUPA EnrichRX Builds and Strengthens Nails

    [Anaheim, Calif.]— Industry innovators, KUPA Inc., announce the newest addition to their gel line: KUPA EnrichRX. This professional product is a UV/LED-cured builder gel that comes in a bottle and can be used to sculpt or add strength to natural nails. What sets EnrichRX apart from other bottled builder gels is its collagen and Vitamin E-infused formula, making it the ideal prescription for beautiful nails, inside and out.

    To apply EnrichRX, brush on a thin coat of the gel after prepping and base coating nails. Allow EnrichRX to cure for 30 seconds in a MANIPro Glo Lamp. For nails with additional length, apply two more coats of EnrichRX to build strength and apex. EnrichRX can be removed using a MANIPro Passport to reduce bulk down to 90-95%, then soaking off with acetone for 15-20 minutes.

    EnrichRX comes in three different colors plus white and clear. Make sure your clients have strong enough nails for work, play, and everyday with KUPA EnrichRX. 

    KUPA EnrichRX is available now for $15.95 at www.kupainc.com.

    Watch the How-to videos now:  https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL0eIaJUMXlwbFDruRJ4lwGPBAF4rDMqLu

    Available in Ultra Clear, Sheer White, Nude Pink, Perfect Peach & Soft Pink!

    How to use EnrichRx: Apply EnrichRx UV/LED soak-off builder gel after Gelfinity Base Coat gel. Cure for 60 seconds in your KUPA MANIPro Glo UV/LED Lamp Light or 90 seconds in a standard UV Light.

    How to remove EnrichRx: Reduce bulk of the product with your KUPA e-file. Use a medium or coarse carbide bit with 15-18,000 RPM to remove 90-95% of the gel. To remove remaining product wrap in acetone for 15-20 minutes. Once finishes soaking remove the remaining product using a medium sanding bands with Easy-Off Mandrel. 

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