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Natana Naturals is a family-owned company founded in 2018 focusing on balancing natural skincare and science resulting in premium skincare which is simple to use. We promote outer as well as inner beauty understanding the value of both. It all started in the kitchen of our Kansas home. Pregnant at the time, I felt there were no skincare products I could safely use, so with my background in biology and chemistry, my husband suggested I make my own and from there it grew. He began researching useful anti-aging ingredients shown to combat people’s most common skin concerns and conditions. While he found the essential components, I formulated the products balancing natural skincare and science to make safe yet effective aging defense skincare. We genuinely aim to help people improve skin conditions such as natural signs of aging, dark circles, uneven skin tone, rosacea, melasma, blotchiness, and much more. We strive for people to feel confident about their skin regardless of wearing make-up or not. Natana Naturals is not just about improving skincare, it's about improving quality of life.  

Brands: Natana Naturals is luxury natural skincare. The focus is on balancing natural skincare and science using quality cutting edge ingredients backed by science.

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  • Natana Naturals Women and Men's Skincare
    The Fountain of Youth-Aging Defense Serum<br />Holy Grail-Intense Age Defying Night Cream<br />Angel Eyes<br />The Holy Grail Oil<br />Thicc Lips-Natural Lip Enhancing Gloss<br /><br />Men's Line:<br />Beard Bomb-Men's Aging Defense Beard Oil<br />Head Shots-Men's Aging Defense Serum<br />...

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    Natana Naturals products are different because they contain a multitude of aging defense ingredients which work synergistically. Products are safe and natural with no harmful fillers or fragrance. All ingredients are carefully selected to combat signs of aging. Components are used in purest forms resulting in safe and effective products prodcing results. 

    How products are made:

    Products are ethically created with natural and organic ingredients in a safe and disinfected environment, where no artificial dyes, parabens, sulfates, phthalates, gluten or harmful ingredients are included. Product is contained in UV resistant bottles to preserve ingredient integrity and longevity. Each bottle is safety sealed ensuring quality, freshness, and purity. 

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