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Le Joyau d'Olive was created in order to promote crafts by finding international markets for them. Our company which is based in Lebanon is committed to helping small artisans whose ancestral techniques are disappearing over time. Over the past few years, Le Joyau d’Olive has taken part in growing the awareness around natural cosmetics and we have succeeded because of your encouragement.

Le Joyau d'Olive sees in its support to artisans not only a collaboration with soap masters but also with local farmers and millers. We hope to count you among our supporters and thank you on behalf of our families.

We see a world reconnected to its roots. A world in which synthetics are of the past and in which simplicity is the norm. A community that keeps its traditions alive and that uses what mother nature generously offers.

We are:

100% NATURAL: made of four natural ingredients only.

100% HANDCRAFTED: following the ancient process of soap making.

MATURED FOR 5 MONTHS in our stone-vaulted cellars.


COLD SAPONIFIED: 1-month process ensures the soap retains the maximum dermatological benefits.

Brands: We are Le Joyau d’Olive (The Olive Jewel) we handcraft High-end luxury soap bars. Our Jewels are 100% Vegan, Natural, and Handmade.

 Show Specials

  • Le Joyau d'Olive has been testing its all-natural liquid soap formulation made of 4 natural ingredients only. This year, we will be offering the luxury handwash and bodywash collections each infused with its own essential oil. No Chemicals, No additives. Drop by to test the samples we have. 

    Le Joyau d'Olive aims at reintroducing clean cosmetics into our cities. All of our products are chemical free, handcrafted, and cured over a period of 5 months. Come and meet our team. 

 Press Releases

  • SEATTLE--()--GlossWire is pleased to announce the Top 10 Finalists for its virtual GlossPitch Competition. GlossWire’s 200+ beauty brands were invited to apply to pitch in front of some of the most influential people in the beauty, lifestyle and tech industries, while competing for the chance to claim a grand prize of $10,000 USD to assist in supporting their businesses.

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    “It is my great pleasure to announce the finalists of our virtual pitch competition. The GlossPitch Competition focuses on what I feel passionately about, elevating new brands in the beauty space who have a distinct point of view and passion for storytelling,” said Kimberly Carney, GlossWire CEO and Founder. “It is vital for GlossWire to foster and support the next generation of beauty brands and give them both the financial and mentoring support that they need.”

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    GlossWire received applicants worldwide, including France, Lebanon, Lithuania, Portugal, Spain, United Kingdom, U.S and more. Special congratulations to our 10 finalists that will be pitching their brands on June 15th, 2022, at 4PM EDT.

    The Ten Finalists (in alphabetical order) are:

    2. Auda B
    3. D’Lashes
    4. Gaea Health
    5. House of M Beauty
    6. Le Joyau d'Olive
    7. Masami
    8. May 11
    9. Meraki Organics Inc
    10. Wonder Curl

    The 10 finalists will have the unique opportunity to pitch in front of recognized executives and influencers in the beauty, retail and tech industries including Amanda Boyle, Beauty Director for Fairchild Media Group; Briggitta Hardin, Co-Founder of NFZD Beauty; Cynthia Hollen, CEO & Co-Founder of MAVI and GlossWire Advisory Board Member; Joe Wong, Owner of Baxter of California and GlossWire Advisory Board Member; Paris Roche, Head of Business Development for Amazon Premium Beauty; and Susanah Zeffiro, Senior Client Partner, Beauty for Spotify and GlossWire Advisory Board Member. Kimberly Carney, GlossWire CEO and Founder, and Ali Bouhouch, Chief Technology Officer of Szentia, will serve as the event’s moderators.

    “This pitch competition brings together the skills, connections and platforms of industry experts who have a deep understanding of their businesses,” further stated Carney. “The opportunity for the grand prize winner to receive feedback from leaders in technology and beauty as well as the mentorship they will receive from the judges is invaluable. The prize money is an extra bonus for the winners, allowing them to invest in the growth of their brands.”


  • Le Joyau d'Olive - Handcrafted Women's Collection
    This set contains 3 soaps that are chemical free. Le Joyau d'Olive soap bar is 100% handcrafted from only pure natural ingredients. In a traditional process, they are twice milled by hand and cured for 5 months in stone-vaulted cellars over 300 years old...

  • The luxury and sensual pleasure of Le Joyau d'Olive soaps are the result of craftsmanship that is centuries old. Each of our soap bars are infused with the subtle fragrance of essential oils and waters from flowers that grow in sun-kissed Mediterranean soils and blossom in the clear mountain air of the Levant. Hand-picked and perfectly distilled to be kind to nature, and even kinder to your body. This gift set collection contains 3 bar soaps:

    LAVENDER WHISPER: The perfume of the pharaohs. Plucked from fragrant meadows, the delicate petals of lavender yield an essential oil to delight the senses and relax the mind.  

    ROSE BLUSH: A scent to soothe the mind and enhance the mood, from the petals of newly opened flowers picked at sunrise in early summer. And in every bar, a garden of roses.  

    GARDENIA SECRETS: Seductively alluring, yet fresh and feminine, the essential oil of the delicate Gardenia flower is the secret of the world’s most expensive perfumes. It can be your secret, too.

    • 100% NATURAL: made of 4 natural ingredients only - virgin olive oil, water, caustic soda, and 1 essential oil. 
    • 100% HANDCRAFTED: following the ancient process of soap making, with no use of machines or chemicals.
    • MATURED FOR 5 MONTHS in our stone vaulted cellars where temperature and humidity are constant the whole year round.
    • TWICE MILLED BY HAND: the manual milling process guarantees a soft, creamy lather, firmer texture and consistent colour.
    • COLD SAPONIFIED: 1-month process ensures the soap retains the maximum dermatological benefits, including omega oils, antioxidants and vitamins.
    • NET WEIGHT: 3 X 100g.

    Le Joyau d’Olive is a classic collection of luxury soaps for women and men, hand-crafted in Lebanon where the secret arts of soap-making were first perfected. 
    Today, they are lovingly created by skilled artisans under stone-vaulted ceilings that have witnessed the production of soap since 1804. These masters of their craft use only the finest virgin olive oil and pure natural ingredients, working only with their hands – not machines. 

    Respecting the past. Respecting nature. And respecting an artisan soap-making heritage that stretches back over 4,000 years. No other soaps offer the gentle, sensual, all-natural luxury of Le Joyau D’Olive.

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