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About the Company

BSG Aesthetic Solutions provides customers with effective medical-grade aesthetic equipment and skincare business essentials primarily from South Korea, the forefront of the latest big trends in the skincare and aesthetic industries. BSG aims to provide not only the products and devices but also the latest technological know-how and treatment methodologies from South Korea that it believes will be essential to the success of current and new beauty professionals and entrepreneurs.

BSG Aesthetics Solutions Co. is one of the Largest Global Leaders in Medical Aesthetics Devices from South Korea including Ensung Global, Wontech, & Weero as well as carrying premium K-Beauty product lines all from South Korea!

In addition, BSG just released our new, the most advanced Skin Booster~ BeautyToks!


 Press Releases

  • BSG Aesthetics Solutions provides the latest in K-Beauty to ensure that you look your best while also getting essential vitamins and ingredients needed to keep skin healthy. Our skincare lines come primarily from South Korea and it’s our mission to bring quality from the world leader in beauty products at an affordable price. BSG also provides high-quality, medical-grade aesthetic equipment for aesthetic professionals and entrepreneurs. We aim to provide not only the skin care products and devices, but also the latest technological know-how and treatment methodologies that are essential to the success of new beauty professionals or to the average person just looking for the most effective skin care routines.

    The BeautyToks Story

    BSG Aesthetics Solutions have developed BeautyToks, a non-invasive alternative to get the same results without the need for skin-breaking procedures. BeautyToks is an affordable alternative to Botox and skin boosting procedures while providing the same benefits such as, smoothing fine lines and wrinkles, repairing skin, restoring moisture by providing long-lasting hydration, improving overall skin texture and elasticity, and whitening by providing glowing, healthy-looking skin

    What’s in BeautyToks?

    BeautyToks P

    • The combination of more than 40 functional ingredients, including Mineral, Amino acid, Coenzyme, Hyaluronic acid, Vitamin, PEPTIDE, etc., + MICELLE technology + PDRN aims to increase penetration into the skin and enhance cell activation.
    • Benefits: Skin moisturizer, brightener, and provides moisture energy to prevent various skin problems caused by dry skin.

    BeautyToks W

    • Made with four kinds of wrinkle-improving ingredients with similar effects as Botulinum Toxin based on PTD penetration technology.
    • Benefits: Increases the skin’s elasticity and firmness with the PTD skin penetration enhancement technology, smoothing wrinkles and leaving the skin glowing and firm.

    For more information, please contact us: | (818) 252-9557 | | Booth 1429


  • BeautyToks
    A comprehensive daily formulated skin boosters [PDRN / NEUROPEPTIDE / HYALURONIC ACID] to improve the appearance of early signs of aging. <br />{Each box contains 5 vials of BeautyToks P (Skin Booster), 5 vials of BeautyToks W (Neuropeptide) and 2 droppers}<br /><br /><br />...


    • BeautyToks helps rid the skin of unwanted wrinkles and refined lines.
    • Acting as an Anti-Aging agent, it delivers long-lasting results.
    • BeautyToks is A comprehensive daily formulated skin booster to improve the appearance of early signs of aging.

    Allow your beauty to talk for you!

    Each box contains 5 vials of BeautyToks P (Skin Booster), 5 vials of BeautyToks W (Neuropeptide) and 2 droppers.


    • Hydrates tissues to smooth and minimize fine lines.
    • Helps improve the appearance of skin’s firmness.
    • Restores moisture, provides long-lasting hydration, and Strengthens skin’s moisture barrier.
    • Reduces the appearance of discoloration and blotchiness and provides glowing, healthy-looking skin.
    • Non-greasy formula is suitable for most skin conditions.



    • Cell Regeneration
    • Skin Firming
    • Rejuvenating


    • Smoothes Wrinkles
    • Skin Firming
    • Skin Glowing


    • Increases Skin Moisture
    • Skin Smoothing
    • Cell Regeneration


    “I’ve tried many treatments to tackle my unwanted wrinkles and refined lines with not the best results. I had micro-needling done with BeautyToks, my skin immediately felt tighter, smoother, and brighter. I highly recommend BeautyToks for all skin care needs.”


    — Melody

    “I recently had BeautyToks treatment with microneedling and recell ice. I am very pleased with the results. It was my first time doing this and Ken was very knowledgeable and made me feel comfortable. It was a pleasant experience with great results.”


    — Kimberly

    “I have struggled with trying to find the right eye cream for sometime. Once I used the BeautyToks & H1 Supertox I could feel the immediate tightening around my eyes & intense moisture. I have been using the Amino Cream for over 3 weeks & the change is dramatic. I highly recommend using this product for Anti-aging & Anti-wrinkling regimen.”


    — Terry Far

    “I initially experienced slight difficulty opening the BeautyToks because of the sterile vacuum packaging. However, since I have been using BeautyToks, I have noticed a strong moisturizing effect on my skin and a smoother skin texture. I highly recommend BeautyToks for those who need to rehydrate and revitalize their skin. BeautyToks is a great Skin Booster harnessing the power of PDRN, Growth Factors, Peptides, Vitamins, and many more!” 


    — Dr. Park K.H.


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