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Bottlemate, Inc., an ISO 9001/14001- Certified manufacturer of plastic containers, Specializes in delivering the latest packaging solutions to the cosmetics and personal care industry. Products including an extensive line of airless pumps and sprays, bottles, jars, and tubes. Materials used vary from acrylic, PETG, PP, PE, and plastic covered aluminum containers. Our services include custom molding and color matching with the highest quality and standards in printing. 

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  • (Jun 15, 2022)


    100% PCR Post-Consumer Recycled

    To remanufacture raw materials by recycling PET bottles will save energy and reduce carbon emissions, and also reduce the bad impact of PET bottles for the environment. Keep up date to world trends and emphasis on environmental protection concept.

    We do our best for environmental protection.


    100% PBS-Biodegradable plastic

    PBS has the same characteristics as plastic, such as waterproof, oil-proof, oxygen-resistant and good heat resistance, but it will not cause harm to the ecosystem. It can be decomposed into water and carbon dioxide by microorganisms and return to nature.

    Bottlemate continues to remain ISO Certified and put quality and services above all else. Feel free to search through our Products page and Contact Us with any questions you may have regarding Bottlemate products.

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  • Eco-friendly material PCR
    100% PCR consumer goods recycled<br /><br />...

  • The use of waste bottles to recycle raw materials will save energy and reduce carbon emissions, but also reduce the adverse impact of bottles on the environment, in response to the world trend, attach importance to the concept of environmental protection, Jin Meitang to do a part of environmental protection.

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